African Gold Inventory
Summer 2019
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SENEGAL  1975  1000 Francs (.4697 oz)  "25th Anniversary of Eurafrique Program"  FR. 6
(KM9)  Scarce only 217 Uncs struck!  NGC MS69------------------------------------------$995.00

SENEGAL  1975  
2000 Francs (1.1759 oz)  "25th Anniversary of Eurafrique Program"  
FR. 5  (KM10)  Scarce only 195 Uncs struck!  NGC MS69--------------------------------$2,450.00

TANZANIA  1981  2000 Shilingi  "20th Anniversary of Independence"  FR. 2 (KM15)  
Scarce only 110 Uncs struck!  NGC MS67--------------------------------------------------$995.00

TOGO  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "Grand Pangolin"  Unlisted in FR and KM!  Scarce
NGC MS67----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

TRISTAN DA CUNHA  2011  2 Sovereigns (Double Sovereign)  "Royal Wedding
of William and Catherine"  Unlisted in FR and KM!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO------------$950.00