African Gold Inventory
Fall 2018
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BURKINA FASO  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "African Elephant"  Unlisted in both FR and KM!
Scarce one year type!  
NGC MS66----------------------------------------------------------$750.00

CHAD  1970  5000 Francs (.5064 oz)  "General Leclerc/10th Anniversary of Independence"  
FR. 3 (KM10)  One year type!  
NGC PF65 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------$950.00

GAMBIA  1977  500 Dalasis (.9675 oz)  "Sitatunga"  FR. 1 (KM19)  Conservation Coin Series  
Scarce only 285 Proofs struck!  (cats. $3000 in KM)  NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------$2,450.00

IVORY COAST  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "Olive Baboon"  unlisted in FR and KM!  
Scarce  NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------$750.00

LIBERIA  1972  $10 (.4838 oz)  "Inauguration of President Tolbert" Republic  FR. 8 (KM26)  
One year type!  Tied for finest graded by NGC!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO--------------$950.00

MALI  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "African Lion resting"  Unlisted in both FR and KM!  
(this is the only Proof specimen graded by NGC!)  
NGC PF68 CAMEO---------------------$950.00

MOROCCO  1977  250 Dirhams  "Birthday of King Hassan II"  FR. 6 (KM#Y66)  
Only 800 Proofs struck!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------$650.00

NIGER  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "Caracal"  KM#E13  Scarce  
NGC PF64 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

RHODESIA (now known as Zimbabwe)  1966 1 Pound  "Lion"  FR. 2 (KM6)  One year type!
NGC PF67----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SOMALIA  2000  $500 (1 oz)  "Kaabah"  Unlisted in both FR and KM!  Scarce
only two have been graded by NGC!  
NGC PF63 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------$1,750.00

SOUTH AFRICA  1997  4 pc gold "30th Anniversary of the Krugerrand" PROOF set  
FR. B1 thru B4 (KM73, KM105-107)  All four coins have the 30th Anniversary privy mark
next to the Springbok!  KM states that only 30 sets were issued!  All four coins are
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------------------------$3,950.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2004 complete 4 pc gold Krugerrand  "Paul Kruger Commemorative
Proof set"  Consisting of the 1/10-1/4-1/2-1 Krugerrand plus a 1 oz commemorative silver
medallion (total of 1.85 oz gold and 1 oz silver)  Only 400 sets issued!  
GEM PROOF in original wood presentation case with certificate(#53)---------------------$3,250.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2007 complete 4 pc gold "Krugerrand Prestige Set"
Consisting of the 1/10-1/4-1/2-1 Krugerrand (total of 1.85 oz gold)  Only 700 sets issued.
This set is #292 of the mintage.  GEM PROOF in original wood presentation case with
serial numbered certificate (also serial numbered on the plaque on the box itself)------------$3,250.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2007 complete 4 pc. gold Natura "Eland antelope" PROOF set  
FR. B10-B13 (KM430-433)  Consists of the 10-20-50-100 Rands (total of 1.85 oz)  
All four coins are graded NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------$3,250.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2008 complete 4 pc gold "Krugerrand" PROOF set  FR. B1-B4
(KM105-106-107-73)  Set consists of the 1/10-1/4-1/2-1 Krugerrand (total 1.85 oz)  
All four coins are slabbed as
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO "One of First 300 struck"------$3,250.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2010 complete 4 pc. gold Natura "Black Rhino" PROOF set  
FR. B10-B13 (KM549-552)  Consists of the 10-20-50-100 Rands (total of 1.85 oz)
This set includes the 100 Rand (1 oz) coin with the Paw and EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust)
mintmark (approx 500 struck)!  SCARCE  All four coins are graded
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------------------------$3,750.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2010 complete 4 pc. gold "First Strike Krugerrand" PROOF set  
FR. B1-B4 (KM105-KM106-KM107 and KM73)  Set consists of total 1.85 oz!  Only 300
of these First Strike sets were issued!  All four coins are graded NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO
and housed in
original wood presentation box with certificate (#11)------------------------$3,250.00

SUDAN  1976  100 Pounds (.9675 oz)  "Scimitar-horned oryx"  FR. 2 (KM72)  
Conservation Coin Series  Scarce only 872 Uncs struck!  
NGC MS65---------------------$1,750.00

TOGO  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "Grand Pangolin"  Unlisted in FR and KM!  Scarce  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

TRISTAN DA CUNHA  2011  2 Sovereigns (Double Sovereign)  "Royal Wedding of William
and Catherine"  Unlisted in FR and KM!  
GEM PROOF in original case with certificate-------$950.00

TUNISIA-French Protectorate  1930  100 Francs  FR. 14 (KM257)  First year of the type!  
(only two graded higher by NGC!)  
NGC MS65---------------------------------------------$650.00

WEST AFRICAN STATES  1980  25 Francs ESSAI struck in gold!  KM#E10 (type of KM9
but struck in gold)  EXTREMELY RARE only 5 struck according to KM!  
PCGS SP69-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00