African Gold Inventory
Fall 2019
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CHAD  1970  3,000 Francs  "10th Anniversary of Independence/Governor Eboue" Republic  
FR. 4 (KM9)  One year type!  
NGC PF66 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------$750.00

EQUATORIAL GUINEA  1992  7000 Francos (.2248 oz)  "Lions" Republic  
FR. 25  (KM105)  Scarce only 450 Proofs struck of this one year type!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

EQUATORIAL GUINEA  1992  15,000 Francos (.4499 oz)  "African Elephants"
Republic  FR. 24 (KM106)  Scarce only 450 Proofs struck of this one year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

ETHIOPIA  EE1923 (1930)  "Coronation of Haile Selassie I" large size gold medal (Talari)  
KM#X12a  Gill-S13  41 mm., 48.89 grams.  Scarce  
NGC MS61--------------------------$2,450.00

IVORY COAST  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "Olive Baboon"  unlisted in FR and KM!
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------$750.00

MADAGASCAR  1988  10 Ariary  "Ibis"  Democratic Republic  FR. 1 (KM16)  One year type!
World Wildlife Fund one year type!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------$750.00

MALAWI  1985  10 Kwacha (1.4016 oz)  "20th Anniversary-Reserve Bank" Republic  
FR. 3 (KM18a)  RARE only 50 pcs. struck in gold of this one year type!  
Only specimen graded by NGC!  NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------$4,450.00

MALI  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "African Lion resting"  Unlisted in both FR and KM!
(this is the only Proof specimen graded by NGC!)  
NGC PF68 CAMEO----------------------$950.00

MOROCCO  AH1399/1979  500 Dirhams (.3733 oz)  "50th Birthday of King Hassan"  FR. 7
(KM#Y71)  Scarce only 300 Proofs struck!  
NGC PF66 ULTRA CAMEO------------------$950.00

NIGER  2007  25,000 Francs ESSAI  "Caracal"  KM#E13  Scarce  
NGC PF64 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

SAINT THOMAS & PRINCE  1985  100 Dobras (1.4016 oz)  "10th Anniversary of
Independence"  Democratic Republic  FR. 7 (KM42b)  RARE only 50 pcs. struck in gold of
this one year type! Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------$4,450.00

SENEGAL  1975  1000 Francs (.4697 oz)  "25th Anniversary of Eurafrique Program"  FR. 6
(KM9)  Scarce only 217 Uncs struck!  NGC MS69------------------------------------------$950.00

SEYCHELLES  1985  500 Rupees  "Decade for Women" Republic  FR. 5 (KM62)
Only 500 struck of this one year type!  NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------------$650.00

SOUTH AFRICA  1898  1 Pond  FR. 2 (KM10.2)  
NGC AU58----------------------------$750.00

SOUTH AFRICA  1952  1 Pound  George VI  FR. 7 (KM43)  One year type!  
NGC AU58----------------------------$495.00  NGC PF66--------------------------------$750.00

SOUTH AFRICA  1996  1 Natura (1 oz)  "Elephant"  FR. B10 (KM204)  
Only 4,472 minted of this one year type!  GEM PROOF in original case
with certificate (#130)----------------------------------------------------------------------$2,250.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2000  1 Natura (1 oz gold)  "Sable antelope-Pretoria Zoo"  FR. B10
(KM261)  Scarce only 261 struck of this variety!  (cats. $3000 in PF67 in KM)  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2004  1 Protea/25 Rands  (1 oz)  "Nelson Mandela/10th Anniversary
of Democracy"  FR. B10 (KM402)  One year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO---------$2,450.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2008  100 Rand/1 Natura (1 oz)  "Elephant"  FR. B10 (KM450)  
4,800 minted of this one year type!  Finest grade possible!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO---$2,450.00

SOUTH AFRICA  2014  3 pc. "Protea Prestige Proof set/Life of a Legend-Nelson Mandela"
Set consists of the gold 5 & 25 Rand (total of 1.10 oz gold) plus the silver 1 Rand (1/2 oz silver).
All three coins are GEM PROOF and housed in the original wood presentation box (this is set
#186 of 3000 sets issued)  Original retail price for this set by the US distributor was $5650
(crazy in my opinion)  
Our price is-----------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

SUDAN  1978  25 Pounds  "Khartoum Meeting of the O.A.U." Republic  FR. 4 (KM78)
Variety with countermarks of "B23" in hexagon and "bell" between dates!  Scarce only 350 struck!
NGC PF66 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

TANZANIA  1974  1,500 Shilingi (.9675 oz)  "Cheetahs"  FR. 1 (KM9)  Conservation Coin Series
Only 866 Proofs struck of this one year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------$2,450.00

TANZANIA  2015  2 pc gold & silver "Elephant" PROOF set  Unlisted in both FR and KM!
Set consists of the gold 5000 Shillings (1 oz) and a silver 1000 Shillings (1 oz).
Original retail price for this set by the US distributor was $3995!  Both coins are
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO and housed in a wooden case with certificate----------------$2,450.00

ZAMBIA  2000 10,000 Kwacha  "Queen Mother's 100th Birthday"  FR. 15 (KM#A267)
One year type!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------------------------------------$350.00