Fall 2017
Gold Coin Inventory of Asia
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CHINA-Taiwan (Republic of China)  1991  $1000  “80th Anniversary of the Republic”
FR. 18  (KM-unlisted)  Sun Wen/Rev: National arms.  One year type!  
PCGS PR66 DEEP CAMEO-----------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

INDIA-Kutch  1866//VS1922  100 Kori  Pragmalji II  FR. 1277 (KM#Y19)  Persian legend in
the name of Queen Victoria and AD-date/Rev: Local ruler's name and VS-date in Nagari.  
RARE in this quality!  Only two graded higher by NGC!  
NGC MS63--------------------$4,950.00

INDIA-British India  1 Tola (.3727 oz)  ND  (circa 1940’s)  M/S Manilal Chimanlal &
Co.  Bombay  FR. 1612 (KM#X45)  
NGC MS64-----------------------------------------$750.00

INDIA-British India  1 Tola (.3730 oz)  ND  “H.A. PATEL/Balance Scale”  FR. 1612
(KM-unlisted)  First we’ve seen or handled of this type!  NGC MS64----------------------$950.00

INDIA-British India  1 Tola (.3730 oz)  ND  “NARENDRA NATH SINGHA & COMPANY/
STAR BRAND”  FR. 1612 (KM-unlisted)  First we’ve seen or handled of this type!  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$850.00

INDIA-British India  1 Tola (.3730 oz)  ND  “NARRONDASS MANORDASS BULLION
REFINERS & ASSAYERS”  FR. 1612 (KM-unlisted)  First we’ve seen or handled of this type!
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$850.00

INDIA-British India  1 Tola (.3730 oz)  ND  “THE BANK OF RAJASTHAN LTD-ONE
TOLA/GOLD MOHAR-JAIPUR”  FR. 1612 (KM-unlisted)  Chittor Fort design on obverse.  
RARE  First we’ve seen or handled in any grade!  
NGC AU58---------------------------$1,250.00

INDIA  2013-I  1 Sovereign  Elizabeth II (unlisted in FR and KM!)  One year type!  
NGC MS69--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

JAPAN  Tempo Koban  ND (1837-1858)  FR. 15 (KM#C22b)  Scarce  
PCGS Genuine AU Details-------------------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

JAPAN  1871  1 Yen  Mutsuhito  FR. 49 (KM#Y9)  One year type!  NGC MS62--------$550.00

JAPAN  1909  10 Yen  Mutsuhito  FR. 51 (KM#Y33)  Scarce this nice!
NGC MS65------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

JAPAN  1912  5 Yen  Mutsuhito  FR. 52 (KMY32)  Scarce this nice!  (cats. $1500 in
MS63 in KM)  NGC MS64--------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

JAPAN  Taisho 6 (1917)  20 Yen  Yoshihito  FR. 53 (KM#Y40.2)  PCGS MS65---$2,950.00
NGC MS66 (ex-Ministry of Finance)------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

KAZAKHSTAN  2007  500 Tenge  “2008 Olympics-Female high jump” Republic  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------$750.00

MACAU  1988  1,000 Patacas  “Year of the Dragon”  FR. B2 (KM39)  One year type!  
NGC PF66 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

MONGOLIA  1994  2000 Tugrik  “Olympics-Boxer”  FR. 18 (KM114)  One year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

MONGOLIA  1996  25,000 Tugrik  "Colorized Eagle"  FR. 25 (KM144)  Scarce
only 300 struck!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------$1,250.00

MONGOLIA  1996  25,000 Tugrik  "Colorized Horse"  FR. 25 (KM146)  Scarce
only 300 struck!  NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------$1,250.00

MONGOLIA  1996  25,000 Tugrik  "Colorized Tiger"  FR. 25 (KM147)  Scarce
only 300 struck!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------$1,250.00

NEPAL VS1987 (1930)  1 Mohar  Tribhuvana  FR. 27 (KM702)  NGC MS63-------------$750.00