Australia & South Pacific
Gold Inventory
Summer 2017
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AUSTRALIA  1990  $100  Gold (1 oz) “Kangaroo” FR. B1 (KM144)  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

AUSTRALIA  1990  $100 Platinum (1 oz)  “Koala”  FR. B20 (KM149)  Only 3500 struck!   
This is the finest graded specimen by NGC!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------$1,950.00

AUSTRALIA  1994  $100 Platinum (1 oz)  "Koala"  FR. B71 (KM253)  One year type!  
NGC MS68-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

AUSTRALIA  1994  $200 Gold (2 oz)  "Kangaroo"  FR. B9 (KM182)  
NGC PL69-------$3,450.00

AUSTRALIA  2002-P  $50 Platinum (.50 oz)  "Koala"  FR. B21 (KM924)  Only 350 minted!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

AUSTRALIA  2004 complete 4 pc gold "Australian Nugget" PROOF set  Contains 1.85 oz gold
and includes the $100 "Eureka Stockade"!  Scarce only 100 sets minting limit!  
GEM PROOF in original wood case with certificate (#55)-----------------------------------$3,450.00

AUSTRALIA  2008-P  $5  "Koala"  FR. B73 (KM1872)  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------$150.00

AUSTRALIA  2008-P  $15  "Koala"  FR. B72 (KM1873)  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------$295.00

AUSTRALIA  2008-P  $200 (2 oz)  "Koala"  FR. B70 (KM1876)  Only 250 struck!  
Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------$3,950.00

AUSTRALIA  2009-P  $25 (.2354 oz)  "Sovereign"  Elizabeth II  KM1397  Only 2,500 minted
of this first year of the series!  
PCGS GEM PROOF DEEP CAMEO "First Strike"------------$450.00

COOK ISLANDS  1997 complete 5 pc. Platinum "Christmas Love Angel" PROOF set  
Set consists of the $5-$10-$20-$50-$75  FR. 80a thru 84a (KM457 thru 461)  
Set contains 1.0836 oz platinum!  Scarce only 250 sets issued!  
GEM PROOF in original presentation case-------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

COOK ISLANDS  2007  $100 (1 oz)  "Multicolored hologram Sydney Harbour Bridge
75th Anniversary"  Unlisted in FR and KM!  Scarce only 75 struck!  
GEM PROOF in original case with certificate (#39)----------------------------------------$2,450.00

MARSHALL ISLANDS  1986  $50 (.25 oz)  “Free Association Compact/Coconut”  
FR. 2 (KM4)  One year type!  
NGC PF69 CAMEO----------------------------------------$495.00

MARSHALL ISLANDS  1986  $200 (1 oz)  “Free Association Compact/Stick chart”  FR. 1
(KM5)  One year type!  Tied for finest graded!  NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------$1,950.00

MARSHALL ISLANDS  1988  $100 "Greg Louganis-Olympic Diver"  FR. 4 (KM17)  
One year type!  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------$650.00

NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS  2005  $25 medallic coinage  “Hohenzollern ship”  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

TONGA  1988  10 Pa’anga  Platinum (.50 oz)  “Seoul Summer Olympics-Discus Thrower”  
FR. 37  Only 2,000 struck of this one year type!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO (tied for finest graded!)---------------------------------------$950.00

TONGA  1962  1/4 Koula Platinum  "Queen Salote Tupou III"  FR. 6 (KM1a)  
Only 25 struck!  EXTREMELY RARE  This is the only one slabbed by NGC!  
NGC PF70--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

TONGA  1962  1/2 Koula Platinum  "Queen Salote Tupou III"  FR. 4 (KM2a)  
Only 25 struck!  EXTREMELY RARE  This is the only one slabbed by NGC!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

TONGA  1962  1 Koula Platinum  "Queen Salote Tupou III"  FR. 3 (KM3a)  
Only 25 struck!  EXTREMELY RARE  This is the only one slabbed by NGC!  
NGC PF65 CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------------$4,950.00