Canadian Gold Inventory
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CANADA-Newfoundland  1872  $2  Victoria  FR. 1 (KM5)  Only 6,050 minted!  
(cats. $900 in AU50 in KM)  NGC AU Details (cleaned)-------------------------------$495.00

CANADA-Newfoundland  1880  $2  FR. 1 (KM5)  Rarest date of the series with
only 2,500 struck!  (cats. $2300 in AU50 in KM)  Coin has a couple minor edge nicks
but is much nicer than the slab insert sounds!  NGC AU Details (rim damage)---------$2,250.00

CANADA  1911-C  1 Sovereign  George V  FR. 2 (KM20)  (cats. $1000 Unc in FR/
$500 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS63---------------------------------------------$450.00
NGC MS64 (Scarce this nice!)----------------------------------------------------------$550.00

CANADA  1914-C  1 Sovereign  George V  FR. 2 (KM20)  Scarce date with only
14,871 minted!  
NGC MS61-----------------------------------------------------------$750.00

CANADA  1999  $10 Platinum (.25 oz)  "Polar Bear"  FR. B52 Tied for finest graded!
NGC MS69----------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

CANADA  2009  $50 Platinum (1 oz)  "Maple Leaf"  (unlisted in FR and KM)
PCGS MS69 "First Strike"-------------------------------------------------------------$1,100.00
Spring 2019