Gold Inventory of
the Caribbean
Winter 2018
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CUBA  1915  10 Pesos  "Marti"  FR. 3 (KM20)  Scarcer date of the two year type!  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00  

CUBA  1915  20 Pesos (.9675 oz)  "Marti"  FR. 2 (KM21)  NGC MS62------------------$2,950.00

CUBA  1916  2 Pesos  “Marti”  FR. 6 (KM17)  Two year type!  
NGC MS64-------$450.00
NGC MS65 (Tied for finest graded!  RARE this high grade mint state!) ----------------------$1,950.00

CUBA  1916  4 Pesos  “Marti”  FR. 5 (KM18)  Two year type!  Tied for finest graded!  
Scarce this high grade mint state!  NGC MS64----------------------------------------------$1,950.00

CUBA  1916  10 Pesos (.4837 oz)  "Marti"  FR. 3  (KM20)  Two year type!   
NGC MS62--------------------------$950.00   NGC MS63-----------------------------$1,250.00