European Gold Inventory
Fall 2018
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AUSTRIA-Salzburg  1714  1/4 Ducat  Franz Anton Harrach  FR. 846 (KM297)  
Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

AUSTRIA-Salzburg  1719  1/4 Ducat  Franz Anton Harrach  FR. 846 (KM297)  
Scarce this nice!  NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

AUSTRIA  1937  25 Schillings  "St. Leopold holding model of Church" Republic  FR. 525
(KM2856)  7,660 mintage  (cats. $1300 Unc in FR)  NGC MS63-----------------------------$950.00

BELGIUM-Brabant  1 Pieter d'or  ND  Jeanne and Wenceslas (1355-1383)  FR. 11  
Haloed bust of St. Peter above four-part shield/Rev: Floriated cross.  Scarce  
(cats. $3000 XF in FR)  NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

CYPRUS  1966  1 Sovereign  "Archbishop Makarios III"  FR. 6b (KM#XM4)  
One year type!  NGC PF67---------------------------------------------------------------------$850.00

CYPRUS  1966  5 Pounds  "Archbishop Makarios III"  FR. 6a (KM#XM5.1)  Only 1,500 minted
of this one year type!  RARE  
NGC PF63----------------------------------------------------$4,450.00

CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1923  1 Ducat  "St. Wenceslas" Republic  FR. 2 (KM8)  
First year of the type!  NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------$950.00

CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1925  1 Ducat  "St. Wenceslas" Republic  FR. 2 (KM8)
Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS64-------------------------------------------------------$750.00

CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1926  1 Ducat  "St. Wenceslas" Republic  FR. 2 (KM8)  
Unpriced in MS65 in KM!  NGC MS65-------------------------------------------------------$950.00

CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1928  4 Ducats  "10th Anniversary of Republic"  FR. 6 (KM#XM4)  
Original striking!  Scarce  
NGC MS64--------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1931  1 Ducat  "St. Wenceslas" Republic  FR. 2 (KM8)  
Unpriced in MS65 in KM!  
NGC MS65+ -----------------------------------------------------$950.00

CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1933  1 Ducat  "St. Wenceslas" Republic  FR. 2 (KM8)  NGC MS63--$650.00

DENMARK  1761-W/W  12 Mark (Courant Ducat)  Frederik V  FR. 269 (KM587.4)  
One year sub-type!  (unpriced in Unc in KM)  Only one graded higher!  NGC MS63---------$1,450.00

FINLAND  1879-S  10 Markkaa (struck under Russian Czar Alexander II)  FR. 4
NGC MS64-------------$395.00  NGC MS65-------------------------------------$450.00

FINLAND  1913-S  10 Markkaa (struck under Russian Czar Nicholas II)  FR. 6
NGC MS66-------------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

FINLAND  1913-S  20 Markkaa (struck under Russian Czar Nicholas II)  FR. 3
(KM9.2)  Last year of the type!  (cats. $700 in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS64------------$550.00  
NGC MS65----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

GREECE  1876-A  20 Drachmai  George I  FR. 15 (KM49)  One year type!  NGC AU55---$750.00

IRELAND  1990  50 Ecu (.4422 oz)  "Irish Red Deer/EEC Council Meeting"  KM#X3
One year type!  NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------------$950.00

LIECHTENSTEIN  1862 (1966) 1 Thaler Restrike struck in gold at the Munich mint in 1966!  
KM#Y1a  Contains .8536 oz gold!  
NGC MS66---------------------------------------------$1,450.00

MALTA  1764  20 Scudi  Emmanuel Pinto  FR. 35 (KM275)  St. John the Baptist standing with
banner, lamb at right/Rev: Crown above pair of oval shields.  (unpriced in Unc in KM)  
Finest graded by NGC!  Rare this nice!  
NGC MS62+ ---------------------------------------$4,450.00

MALTA  2001  5,000 Liras (1 oz gold)  "Mother Teresa"  Unlisted in FR and KM!
FAO Issue.  One year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------$1,750.00

MONACO  1884-A  100 Francs  Charles III  FR. 11 (KM99)  Three year type!
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------------$2,250.00  
NGC MS64+ (Finest graded by NGC! RARE this nice!) -------------------------------------$3,450.00

MONACO  1886-A  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  Charles III  FR. 11 (KM99)  Three year type!  
NGC MS63---------------------$2,250.00  
NGC MS64 (only one graded higher!)----------$2,950.00

MONACO  1896-A  100 Francs  Albert  FR. 13 (KM105)  NGC MS62-------------------$1,750.00

MONACO  1966  10 Francs ESSAI struck in gold (39.10 grams)  KM#E57  (type of KM146
but struck in .920 gold)  Scarce only 1000 minted!  This specimen is the finest graded of the
total of five coins in the NGC census!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------$2,950.00

MONACO  1966  200 Francs (.9465 oz)  “10th Wedding of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace
(Kelly)”  FR. 32 (KMXM2)  One year type!  NGC MS66------------------------------------$1,750.00

MONACO  1974  50 Francs ESSAI struck in gold!  (46.92 grams) Prince Rainier III  
KM#E67 (type of KM152.1 but struck in gold)  Only 1 graded higher by NGC!  Scarce
only 1,000 struck!  NGC PF66--------------------------------------------------------------$4,450.00

MONACO  1974  2000 Francs Platinum  "25th Anniversary of Reign of Prince Rainier III"  
FR. 34 (KM#XM5 - Cats. $1850 in KM)  
NGC PF67 CAMEO----------------------------$1,450.00

MONTENEGRO  1910  20 Perpera  Nicholas I "Bare head"  FR. 2 (KM10)  One year type!  
(cats. $1400 in MS60/$1900 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS62---------------------------------$1,250.00

NETHERLANDS-Holland  1759  1/4 Gulden (5 Stuiver) Pattern struck in gold  KM#Pn38
(KM100a)  Standing figure leaning on column, holding pole with cap/Rev: Crowned arms of
Holland divides date.  RARE  NGC MS61----------------------------------------------------$4,450.00

NETHERLANDS-Holland  1776  1 Ducat  (KM12.2)  Popular date for Revolutionary War
collectors!   PCGS AU58---------------$850.00  
NGC MS61---------------$1,100.00
NGC MS62 (tied for finest graded!)----------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

NETHELANDS-Utrecht  1724  1 Ducat  FR. 285 (KM7)  Recovered from the "Vliegenthart"
(Flying Heart) shipwreck
!  PCGS MS64------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

NETHELANDS-Utrecht  1729  1 Ducat  FR. 285 (KM7)  Recovered from the "Vliegenthart"
(Flying Heart) shipwreck!  
PCGS MS64------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

NETHERLANDS-West Friesland  1652  1 Ducat  FR. 294 (KM16)  Unpriced in MS60 in KM!  
Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

NETHERLANDS  1825-B  10 Gulden  William I  FR. 329 (KM56)  Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS64+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

NETHERLANDS  1876  10 Gulden  William III  FR. 342 (KM106)  Finest graded by NGC!   
NGC MS67+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

NORWAY  1878  20 Kroner  Oscar II  FR. 17 (KM355)  NGC MS64-----------------------$650.00

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