POLAND  1925  20 Zlotych  "900th Anniversary of Poland" Republic  FR. 115 (KM#Y33)  
One year type!   NGC MS65----------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

ROMANIA  1883-B  20 Lei  Carol I  FR. 3 (KM20)  Two year type!  
NGC MS63---------------$750.00

SCOTLAND  1602  1/2 Sword & Sceptre Piece  James VI  FR. 47 (KM19)  Scarce  
(cats. $4500 EF in FR)  Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC AU55-----------------------------------$3,450.00

SERBIA  1882-V  10 Dinara  Milan Obrenovich IV  FR. 5 (KM16)  One year type!  
Scarce in mint state!  NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

SERBIA  1882-V  20 Dinara  Milan Obrenovich IV  FR. 4 (KM17.1)  One year type!  
NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SPAIN  1747-M JB  ½ Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM372)  Unpriced in UNC in KM!
NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00
NGC MS64 (only one graded higher by NGC!)--------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1757-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Unpriced in UNC in KM!  
NGC MS63---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1759-M J  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Last year of the type and
unpriced in UNC in KM!  
NGC MS62-------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1786-M DV  1/2 Escudo  Charles III  FR. 290 (KM425.1)  NGC MS63-----------------$750.00
SPAIN  1792-M MF  1 Escudo  Charles IV  FR. 298 (KM434)  NGC VF Details (bent)---------$250.00

SPAIN  1801-M  FA/MF  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Interesting assayer initials
variety!  NGC MS63+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1803-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)    
NGC MS63 (Tied for finest graded!)--------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1804-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Finest graded!  
NGC MS64+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

SPAIN  1820-M GJ  4 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 312  (KM484)
NGC AU55----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1868 (1873)  10 Escudos  Isabel II  FR. 336 (KM636.3)  Madrid mint  
(unpriced in BU in KM)  NGC MS64---------------------------------------------------------------$750.00


SWEDEN  1874-ST  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94 (KM732)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
PCGS MS65-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$395.00

SWEDEN  1874/3-ST  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94 (KM732)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!
NGC MS64+ ------------------$350.00  NGC MS65-------------------------------------------$450.00

SWEDEN  1876-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94a (KM743)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!
NGC MS63+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

SWEDEN  1876-EB  20 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 93 (KM744)  Two year sub-type!  
(unpriced in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SWEDEN  1883-EB L.A.  10 Kronor  Oscar FR. 94a (KM743  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS65--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

SWEDEN  1894-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94a (KM743)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!
NGC MS65---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

SWEDEN  1895-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94a (KM743)  NGC AU58----------------------$265.00

SWEDEN  1898-EB  20 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 93a (KM748)  Unpriced in BU in KM!  
PCGS MS66-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SWEDEN  1899-EB  20 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 93a (KM748)  NGC MS64--------$450.00  
NGC MS65 (Unpriced in BU in KM)------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

SWEDEN  1901-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94b (KM767)  One year sub-type!  
Tied for finest graded!  
NGC MS67-----------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SWEDEN  1920  5 Kronor  Gustaf V  FR. 97 (KM797)  One year type!  NGC MS64-------$195.00  
NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$250.00

SWITZERLAND-Bern  1794  2 Duplones  FR. 181 (KM144.1)  Crowned oval arms of Bern with
garland/Rev: Inscription and date within wreath.  Three year type!  
NGC MS62-------------------$2,950.00

UKRAINE  2012  5 Hryven (.25 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS70---------------------------$495.00
UKRAINE  2014  5 Hryven (.25 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS69--$450.00  
NGC MS70---$495.00

UKRAINE  2014  20 Hryven (1 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  KM652  
NGC MS70 (Finest grade possible!)-------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

UKRAINE  2015  10 Hryven (.50 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS70--------------------------$950.00

YUGOSLAVIA  1931  1 Ducat  Alexander I  FR. 5 (KM12.1)  Type with "sword" countermark
below bust!  NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

European Gold Coins  
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