POLAND  1925  10 Zlotych  "900th Anniversary of Poland" Republic  FR. 116 (KM#Y32)  
One year type!  NGC MS66----------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

POLAND  1925  20 Zlotych  "900th Anniversary of Poland" Republic  FR. 115 (KM#Y33)  
One year type!  
NGC MS64---------------------$650.00  NGC MS65----------------------------$750.00

POLAND  1980  2,000 Zlotych  PROBA  (pattern) “Lake Placid Winter Olympics”
People’s Republic  KM#Pr428  Scarce only 1,500 struck!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO----------$750.00

PORTUGAL  1720  400 Reis  Joao V  FR. 100 (KM201)  Crown over name/Rev: Cross.  
Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS65-------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

PORTUGAL  1723  400 Reis  Joao V  FR. 100 (KM201)  Crown over name/Rev: Cross.  
NGC MS63-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

PORTUGAL  1729  1/2 Escudo (800 Reis)  Joao V  FR. 92 (KM218)  ANACS EF40------------$350.00

PORTUGAL  1741  1000 Reis (Quartinho)  Joao V  FR. 98 (KM182)  Crowned arms/
Rev: Jerusalem cross.  NGC AU58------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

PORTUGAL  1871  5000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 153 (KM516)  NGC MS63----------------------------$650.00

PORTUGAL  1878  10,000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 152 (KM520)  First year of the type!  
(cats. $1900 in KM)  
NGC MS63-----------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PORTUGAL  1879  10000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 152 (KM520)  Cats. $1900 in KM!  NGC MS63---$1,250.00

PORTUGAL  1822  4 Escudos (6400 Reis or Peca)  Joao VI  FR. 128 (KM364)  
Bust right/Rev: Arms of the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil.  (cats. $1700 XF in FR/
$1350 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------------$1,650.00

PORTUGAL  1881  2000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 154 (KM518)  Scarce date with only 1000 minted!
(cats. $1450 Unc/unpriced in BU in KM)  Only seven coins graded of this date by NGC
with only three graded higher!  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PORTUGAL  1889  5,000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 153 (KM516)  Last year of the type with a mintage
of only 9,000 struck!  
NGC MS64-----------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

PORTUGAL  1992  200 Escudos (.8019 oz)  "Columbus in the New World" Republic  FR. 168
(KM660b)  One year type!  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------$1,650.00

SERBIA  1882-V  10 Dinara  Milan Obrenovich IV  FR. 5 (KM16)  One year type!  
Scarce in mint state!  NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

SERBIA  1882-V  20 Dinara  Milan Obrenovich IV  FR. 4 (KM17.1)  One year type!  
NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SPANISH NETHERLANDS-Brabant  1600  2 Albertin  Albert and Isabella of Spain
(Governors for the Crown)  FR. 86 (listed uner Belgium-Brabant) (KM10.1)  Arms/
Rev: Crowned cross of St. Andrews.  Hand mintmark (Antwerp)  
NGC AU58------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1 Dobla de la Banda  ND  Juan II (1406-1454) FR. 112  Shield/Rev: Arms.  
NGC XF45--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1 Escudo cob  ND  Philip II (1556-1598)  FR. 178  Crowned arms/Rev: Cross.  Seville mint  
Perfect for use in jewelry!  NGC VF Details (rim filing)----------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  4 Escudos cob  Philip III (1598-1621)  FR. 185  Seville mint  Arms/Rev: Cross.  
(cats. $3000 EF-highest grade listed)  NGC AU58-------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

SPAIN  1743/2-S PJ  1/2 Escudo  Philip V  FR. 240 (KM361.2)  Finest graded by NGC of this
interesting overdate variety!  
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1744-S PJ  ½ Escudo  Philip V  FR. 240 (KM361.2)  Cayon-9481
Finest graded by NGC!   
NGC MS63---------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1749-M JB  ½ Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Unpriced in BU in KM!  
Only two graded higher!  
NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1752-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS64--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

SPAIN  1754-M JB  ½ Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Unpriced in Unc in KM!  
NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1757-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Only four graded higher!  
NGC MS63-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1758-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Unpriced in Unc in KM!  
NGC MS64 (Scarce in this quality and only two graded higher!)-----------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1758-S JV  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 275 (KM374)  Variety with “stars”.
Tied for finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1759-M J  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Last year of the type!  
Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS64-------------------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

SPAIN  1773/2-M  1/2 Escudo  Charles III  FR. 290 (KM415.1)  Interesting overdate!  
NGC VF35-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$295.00

SPAIN  1776-M PJ  1/2 Escudo  Charles III  FR. 290 (KM415.1)  Popular date for
Revolutionary War collectors!  Scarce in mint state!  
NGC MS61---------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1776-M PJ  2 Escudos  Charles III  FR. 286 (KM417.1)  Popular date for Revolutionary
War collectors!  Scarce  
NGC XF40-------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1786-M DV  1/2 Escudo  Charles III  FR. 290 (KM425.1)  NGC MS61-----------$450.00
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1786-M DV  4 Escudos  Charles III  FR. 284 (KM418.1a) Madrid mint  
NGC AU58--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1788-M M  ½ Escudo  Charles III  FR. 290 (KM425.1)  Last year of the type!  
(unpriced in Unc in KM)  Only three graded higher!  NGC MS62-------------------------$650.00
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1792-M MF  1 Escudo  Charles IV  FR. 298 (KM434)  NGC VF Details (bent)---------$250.00

SPAIN  1801-M  FA/MF  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Interesting assayer initials variety!  
NGC AU58------$750.00  
NGC MS63---------$1,100.00  NGC MS63+ ----------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1803-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  NGC AU58--------$750.00  
NGC MS62--------------$950.00  
NGC MS63 (Tied for finest graded!)-------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1804-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  NGC MS62------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1804-M FA/MF  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Only two graded higher of
this interesting assayer initials variety!  
NGC AU58--------------------------------------------------$850.00

SPAIN  1807-M AI  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Tied for finest graded!
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1812-Crowned C CI  2 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 313 (KM468)  Struck at the Cadiz mint!  
Scarce  NGC UNC Details (surface hairlines)------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1820-M GJ  4 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 312  (KM484)  NGC VF25-------$750.00
NGC AU55-----------------------------$950.00   NGC AU58--------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1868 (1868)  10 Escudos  Isabel II  FR. 336 (KM636.1)  Four year type!  
(unpriced in BU in KM)  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

SPAIN  1868 (1873)  10 Escudos  Isabel II  FR. 336 (KM636.3)  Madrid mint  
(unpriced in BU in KM)  NGC MS64---------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1890 (1890)  20 Pesetas  Alfonso XIII  FR. 345 (KM693)  Original striking!  
Two year type!  NGC AU55-----------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

SPAIN  1897 (97)  100 Pesetas (.9334 oz)  Alfonso XII  “Child’s head”  FR. 347 (KM708)  
Scarce original striking!  (cats. $3000 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS61-----------$2,950.00

SWEDEN  1868  10 Francs  (1 Carolin)  Karl XV  FR. 92 (KM716)  First year of the type!  
(unpriced in MS63 in KM)  This is the only coin in the entire date run that has been given the
"PL" designation!  Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS65 PL--------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SWEDEN  1873-ST  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94 (KM732)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$295.00

SWEDEN  1874-ST  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94 (KM732)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS64+ ----------------------------$350.00    
PCGS MS65-------------------------------$395.00

SWEDEN  1874/3-ST  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94 (KM732)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!
NGC MS64+ ------------------$350.00  NGC MS65-------------------------------------------$450.00

SWEDEN  1876-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94a (KM743)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!
NGC MS63+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

SWEDEN  1877-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94a (KM743)  NGC AU53----------------------$295.00

SWEDEN  1883-EB L.A.  10 Kronor  Oscar FR. 94a (KM743  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS65--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

SWEDEN  1894-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94a (KM743)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!
NGC MS63----------------------$295.00  NGC MS65------------------------------------------$450.00

SWEDEN  1895-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94a (KM743)  NGC AU58----------------------$265.00

SWEDEN  1898-EB  20 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 93a (KM748)  Unpriced in BU in KM!  
PCGS MS66-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SWEDEN  1899-EB  20 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 93a (KM748)  NGC MS64--------$450.00  
NGC MS65 (Unpriced in BU in KM)------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

SWEDEN  1901-EB  5 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 95a (KM766)  One year sub-type!  NGC MS65---$250.00

SWEDEN  1901-EB  10 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 94b (KM767)  One year sub-type!  
Tied for finest graded!  NGC MS67-----------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SWEDEN  1920  5 Kronor  Gustaf V  FR. 97 (KM797)  One year type!  NGC MS64-------$195.00  
NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$250.00

TRANSYLVANIA (Hungary)  1769 H-G  2 Ducats  Maria Theresa  FR. 541 (KM650)  Scarce  
(cats. $2300 XF in KM)  
PCGS AU53------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

UKRAINE  2007  20 Hryven bi-metallic (silver outer ring with gold center)  "Clear Water-
Spring of Life" Republic  Unlisted in FR and KM!  Only 3000 struck of this one year type!  
GEM PROOF in original case with certificate-------------------------------------------------------$450.00

UKRAINE  2012  5 Hryven (.25 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS70---------------------------$495.00
UKRAINE  2014  5 Hryven (.25 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS69--$450.00  
NGC MS70---$495.00

UKRAINE  2014  20 Hryven (1 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  KM652  
NGC MS70 (Finest grade possible!)-------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

UKRAINE  2015  10 Hryven (.50 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS70--------------------------$950.00

European Gold Coins  
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