POLAND  1925  10 Zlotych  "900th Anniversary of Poland" Republic  FR. 116 (KM#Y32)  
One year type!  NGC MS66----------------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

POLAND  1925  20 Zlotych  "900th Anniversary of Poland" Republic  FR. 115 (KM#Y33)  
One year type!  
NGC MS64-----------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00  

POLAND  1976  500 Zlotych (.8681 oz)  "Pulaski"  FR. 118 (KM#Y85)  Only 2,315 struck of this
one year type!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

POLAND  1980  2,000 Zlotych  PROBA  (pattern) “Lake Placid Winter Olympics”
People’s Republic  KM#Pr428  Scarce only 1,500 struck!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO----------$750.00

PORTUGAL  500 Reais (1 Cruzado)  ND  Sebastian (1557-1578)  FR. 41  Arms/Rec: Cross of
the Order of Christ.  Short cross.  
NGC AU53----------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PORTUGAL  1729  1/2 Escudo (800 Reis)  Joao V  FR. 92 (KM218)  ANACS EF40------------$450.00
PORTUGAL  1871  5000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 153 (KM516)  NGC MS63----------------------------$650.00

PORTUGAL  1878  10,000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 152 (KM520)  First year of the type!  
(cats. $1900 in KM)  
NGC MS63-----------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

PORTUGAL  1879  10000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 152 (KM520)  Cats. $1900 in KM!  NGC MS63---$1,450.00

PORTUGAL  1881  2000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 154 (KM518)  Scarce date with only 1000 minted!
(cats. $1450 Unc/unpriced in BU in KM)  Only seven coins graded of this date by NGC
with only three graded higher!  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PORTUGAL  1889  5,000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 153 (KM516)  Last year of the type with a mintage
of only 9,000 struck!  
NGC MS64-----------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SCOTLAND  1601  1/2 Sword and Sceptre Piece  James VI  FR. 47 (KM19)  First year of the
four year type!  ex-Lawrence Adams Collection (pedigreed on slab)!  Cats. $4500 EF in FR-highest
grade listed there!  This is the ONLY mint state 1/2 Sword and Sceptre of any date that has been
graded by NGC!  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------------------$6,500.00

SERBIA  1882-V  10 Dinara  Milan Obrenovich IV  FR. 5 (KM16)  One year type!  
Scarce in mint state!  NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SERBIA  1882-V  20 Dinara  Milan Obrenovich IV  FR. 4 (KM17.1)  One year type!  
NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

SPANISH NETHERLANDS-Brabant  1600  2 Albertin  Albert and Isabella of Spain
(Governors for the Crown)  FR. 86 (listed uner Belgium-Brabant) (KM10.1)  Arms/
Rev: Crowned cross of St. Andrews.  Hand mintmark (Antwerp)  
NGC AU58------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1 Dobla de la Banda  ND  Juan II (1406-1454) FR. 112  Shield/Rev: Arms.  
NGC XF45--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  4 Escudos cob  Philip III (1598-1621)  FR. 185  Seville mint  Arms/Rev: Cross.  
(cats. $3000 EF-highest grade listed)  
NGC AU58-----------------------------------------------$3,450.00

SPAIN  1689-S M  4 Escudos cob  Charles II  FR. 223 (date unlisted)  (KM58.2)  
(cats. $3500 XF in FR-highest grade listed)  (cats. $4000 in VF20/unpriced in XF40 and
MS60 in KM)  This is the only specimen of this date graded by NGC!  
NGC MS61-------------$4,950.00

SPAIN  1743/2-S PJ  1/2 Escudo  Philip V  FR. 240 (KM361.2)  Finest graded by NGC of this
interesting overdate variety!  
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1744-S PJ  ½ Escudo  Philip V  FR. 240 (KM361.2)  Cayon-9481
Finest graded by NGC!   
NGC MS63---------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1749-M JB  ½ Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Unpriced in BU in KM!  
Only two graded higher!  
NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1754-M JB  ½ Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Unpriced in Unc in KM!  
NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1757-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Only four graded higher!  
NGC MS63-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1758-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  Unpriced in Unc in KM!  
NGC MS64 (Scarce in this quality and only two graded higher!)-----------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1758-S JV  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 275 (KM374)  Variety with “stars”.
Tied for finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1772-M PJ  8 Escudos  Charles III  FR. 282 (KM409.1)  Only three graded higher!  
(cats. $3850 XF in KM)  
NGC AU53-----------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

SPAIN  1774/3-M PJ  8 Escudos  Charles III  FR. 282 (KM409.1)  Interesting overdate variety
which is unlisted in KM!  This is the only specimen of this overdate that has been
graded by NGC!  NGC AU53--------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

SPAIN  1773/2-M  1/2 Escudo  Charles III  FR. 290 (KM415.1)  Interesting overdate!  
NGC VF35-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$295.00

SPAIN  1776-M PJ  2 Escudos  Charles III  FR. 286 (KM417.1)  Popular date for Revolutionary
War collectors!  Scarce  
NGC XF40-------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1786-M DV  4 Escudos  Charles III  FR. 284 (KM418.1a) Madrid mint  
NGC AU58--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1788-M M  ½ Escudo  Charles III  FR. 290 (KM425.1)  Last year of the type!  
(unpriced in Unc in KM)  Only three graded higher!  NGC MS62-----------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1792-M MF  1 Escudo  Charles IV  FR. 298 (KM434)  NGC VF Details (bent)---------$295.00

SPAIN  1792-M MF  4 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 294 (KM436.1)  Unpriced in Unc in KM!  
Tied for finest graded!  NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

SPAIN  1801-M  FA/MF  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Interesting assayer initials variety!  
NGC AU58------$750.00  
NGC MS63---------$1,100.00  NGC MS63+ ----------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1803-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  NGC AU58--------$750.00  
NGC MS62--------------$950.00  
NGC MS63 (Tied for finest graded!)-------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1804-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  NGC MS62------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1804-M FA/MF  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Only two graded higher of
this interesting assayer initials variety!  
NGC AU58--------------------------------------------------$850.00

SPAIN  1807-M AI  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Tied for finest graded!
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1807-S CN  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 297 (KM435.2)  Only two graded higher!  
Incredible original toning/luster!  NGC MS64-------------------------------------------------------$1,650.00

SPAIN  1808-S CN  2 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  “Wide armored bust”  FR. 303 (KM455)  Scarce
two year type!  Only two specimens of this date/type have been graded by NGC and this is
the finest graded!  Extremely Rare in this high mint state grade!  First one we’ve handled!  
NGC MS63---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$4,450.00

SPAIN  1811-Crowned C CI  2 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 306 (KM468)  Laureate bust right/
Rev: Crowned arms.  Variety with small mintmark!  Scarce in mint state!  
NGC MS61-----------$2,250.00

SPAIN  1812-Crowned C CI  2 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 313 (KM468)  Struck at the Cadiz mint!  
NGC UNC Details (surface hairlines)----------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1820-M GJ  4 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 312  (KM484)  NGC VF25-------$950.00
NGC AU55-----------------------------$1,250.00   NGC AU58--------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1839-B  80 Reales  Isabel II  FR. 324 (KM578.1)  Unpriced in Unc in KM!  
Tied for finest graded!  
NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

SPAIN  1868 (1868)  10 Escudos  Isabel II  FR. 336 (KM636.1)  Four year type!  
(unpriced in BU in KM)  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

SPAIN  1868 (1873)  10 Escudos  Isabel II  FR. 336 (KM636.3)  Madrid mint  
(unpriced in BU in KM)  NGC MS64---------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1883 (1883)  25 Pesetas  Alfonso XII  FR. 344 (KM687)  Original striking of this scarce date!
EXTREMELY RARE in this grade!  This is the finest graded (by 3 points) by NGC!  (next best grade
is MS64!)  Incredible quality!  
NGC MS67-------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

SPAIN  1890 (1890)  20 Pesetas  Alfonso XIII  FR. 345 (KM693)  Original striking!  
Two year type!  NGC AU55-----------------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

SPAIN  1996  100 Ecu (1 oz)  "Casto Mendez Nunez"  KM-unlisted  One year type!  
3,000 mintage  
GEM PROOF in original case with certificate--------------------------------------$1,650.00

SWEDEN  1883-EB L.A.  10 Kronor  Oscar FR. 94a (KM743  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS65--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

SWEDEN  1898-EB  20 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 93a (KM748)  Unpriced in BU in KM!  
PCGS MS66-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

SWEDEN  1899-EB  20 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 93a (KM748)  NGC MS64--------$450.00  
NGC MS65 (Unpriced in BU in KM)------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

SWEEN  1901-EB  5 Kronor  Oscar II  FR. 95a (KM766)  One year sub-type!  NGC MS65-----$250.00

SWEDEN  1920  5 Kronor  Gustaf V  FR. 97 (KM797)  One year type!  NGC MS64-------$195.00  
NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$250.00

SWITZERLAND-Bern  1797  1/2 Duplone  FR. 188 (KM162)  Warrior standing/Rev: Crowned arms.  
One year type for this denomination!  Tied for finest graded at NGC!  (cats. $1800 BU in KM)  
NGC MS63---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

SWITZERLAND  1896-B  20 Francs  "Helvetia"  FR. 495 (KM31.3)  Variety with three stars
in front of face!  
NGC MS64------------------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

SWITZERLAND  1934-B  100 Francs “Fribourg Shooting Festival”  FR. 505  Scarce only
2,000 struck of this one year type!  
NGC MS64 PL------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

SWITZERLAND  1939-B  100 Francs  "Lucerne Shooting Festival"  FR. 506 (KM#XS21)  
One year type!   NGC MS64------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00  
NGC MS65 (Absolute Gem BU with nice color!)--------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

UKRAINE  2007  20 Hryven bi-metallic (silver outer ring with gold center)  "Clear Water-
Spring of Life" Republic  Unlisted in FR and KM!  Only 3000 struck of this one year type!  
GEM PROOF in original case with certificate-------------------------------------------------------$450.00

UKRAINE  2012  5 Hryven (.25 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS70---------------------------$495.00
UKRAINE  2014  5 Hryven (.25 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS69--$450.00  
NGC MS70---$495.00

UKRAINE  2014  20 Hryven (1 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  KM652  
NGC MS70 (Finest grade possible!)-------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

UKRAINE  2015  10 Hryven (.50 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS70--------------------------$950.00

YUGOSLAVIA  1931  1 Ducat  Alexander I with ear of corn countermark (for Serbia)  FR. 5
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

European Gold Coins  
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