POLAND  1976  500 Zlotych (.8681 oz)  "Pulaski"  FR. 118 (KM#Y85)  Only 2,315 struck of this
one year type!  (cats. $1850 in PF67 in KM)  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------$1,750.00

POLAND  1995  50 Zlotych (.10 oz)  "Golden Eagle"  FR. B4 (KM#Y292)  5,000 mintage  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------------$250.00

POLAND  1995  100 Zlotych (.25 oz)  "Golden Eagle"  FR. B3 (KM#Y293)  3,000 mintage  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

POLAND  1995  200 Zlotych (.50 oz)  "Golden Eagle"  FR. B2 (KM#Y294)  2,000 mintage  
Finest grade possible!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------$1,250.00

POLAND  1995  500 Zlotych (1 oz)  "Golden Eagle"  FR. B1 (KM#Y295)  2,500 mintage  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

PORTUGAL  1720  400 Reis  Joao V  FR. 100 (KM201)  Crown over name/Rev: Cross.  
Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS65------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PORTUGAL  1736  400 Reis  Joao V  FR. 100 (KM201)  Only one graded higher by NGC!  
NGC MS64---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

PORTUGAL  1822  4 Escudos (6400 Reis or Peca)  Joao VI  FR. 128 (KM364)  
Bust right/Rev: Arms of the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil.  (cats. $1700 XF in FR/
$1350 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC MS63------------------------------------------------------------$1,650.00

PORTUGAL  1835  4 Escudos (Peca or 6400 Reis)  Maria II  FR. 141 (KM407)  
One year sub-type!  Scarce only 2,989 minted!  NGC MS63-------------------------------------$4,450.00

PORTUGAL  1879  10,000 Reis  Luis I  FR. 152 (KM520)  Cats. $1900 in KM!  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SCOTLAND  1602  1 Sword and Sceptre Piece  James VI  FR. 46 (KM20)  Scarce  
NGC VF35----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

SPAIN  1 Dobla de la Banda  ND  Juan II (1406-1454) FR. 112  Shield/Rev: Arms.  
Struck at Seville  (cats. $3000 EF in FR)  NGC MS63 (Rare in this grade!)-----------------------$3,450.00

SPAIN  2 Excelentes  ND  Ferdinand V and Isabel I (1476-1516)  FR. 129  Seville mint  
Always popular type coin famous for financing the voyage of Christopher Columbus
to the New World!  (cats. $3500 XF in FR)  
NGC AU55----------------------------------------$4,450.00

SPAIN  1 Escudo  ND  Carlos I and Juana (1516-1556)  FR. 153  Crowned arms; Gothic D to left/
Rev: Cross.  Seville mint  RARE in mint state!  NGC MS63--------------------------------------$1,750.00

SPAIN  4 Escudos cob  Philip IV (1621-1665)  FR. 203 (KM56.2)  Seville mint  Crowned arms/
Rev: Cross Scarce in this grade!  
NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------$4,950.00

SPAIN  1747-M JB  ½ Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM372)  NGC MS62-------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1749-M JB  ½ Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  
Only two graded higher!  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SPAIN  1757-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)    
NGC MS63---------------------$950.00  
NGC MS64+ ----------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1758-M JB  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 274 (KM378)  NGC MS64----------------$1,100.00

SPAIN  1758-S JV  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VI  FR. 275 (KM374)  Variety with stars on either side
of date!  NGC MS61--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

SPAIN  1774/3-M PJ  8 Escudos  Charles III  FR. 282 (KM409.1)  Interesting overdate variety
which is unlisted in KM!  This is the only specimen of this overdate that has been
graded by NGC!  NGC AU53-------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

SPAIN  1801-M  FA/MF  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Interesting assayer initials variety!
NGC MS63+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1803-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  
NGC MS63 (Tied for finest graded!)--------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1805-M FA  2 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 296 (KM435.1)  Madrid mint  (cats. $950
in MS60 in KM)  Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS63------------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1809-S CN  2 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  "Draped bust"  FR. 303 (KM455)  Scarce
two year type!  (cats. $1650 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC MS61--------------------------------------$1,450.00

SPAIN  1811-Crowned C  CI  2 Escudos  Ferdinand VII "Large armored bust"  FR. 306  (KM467)  
One year type!  (cats. $1850 in MS60 in KM)  Scarce in mint state!  NGC MS61----------------$1,750.00

SPAIN  1822-M SR  80 Reales  Ferdinand VII  FR. 321 (KM564.2)  First year of the two year type
struck at Madrid!  (cats. $800 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------$1,250.00

SPAIN  1845-B PS  80 Reales  Isabel II  FR. 324 (KM578.1)  Scarce in mint state!  
(unpriced in MS60 in KM)  
NGC MS62------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

SWITZERLAND  1916-B  10 Francs  "Girl head against Alps background"  FR. 504 (KM36)  
Tied for finest graded by PCGS (none graded this high at NGC!)  
PCGS MS67---------------------$950.00

SWITZERLAND  1986  1,000 Francs  "Appenzell Shooting Festival"  FR. 509 (KM#S27)  
Only 300 struck of this one year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------$1,650.00

UKRAINE  2014  5 Hryven (.25 oz)  “Archangel Michael”   NGC MS70--------------------------$495.00
UKRAINE  2015  10 Hryven (.50 oz)  “Archangel Michael”  NGC MS70--------------------------$950.00

YUGOSLAVIA  1931  1 Ducat  Alexander I  FR. 5 (KM12.1)  Type with "sword" countermark
below bust!  NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

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