Gold Inventory of France
Spring 2019
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FRANCE  1 Franc a Cheval  ND  Jean II le Bon (1350-1364)  FR. 279  Armored king on galloping
horse/Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe. (struck in 1360)  Cats. $2500 in FR!  
NGC XF45----$1,750.00

FRANCE  1 Franc a Pied  ND  Charles V (1364-1380)  FR. 284  Armored king with sword and
sceptre standing under Gothic dais/Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe, fleur de lis in two angles,
crown in two angles.  Scarce in mint state!  
PCGS MS63-------------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1 Franc a Cheval  ND  Charles V (1364-1380)  FR. 285  Armored king on horse/
Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe (cats. $3000 EF in FR)  Scarce in mint state!  
PCGS MS62--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or a la couronne  ND  Charles VI (1380-1422)  FR. 291  Crowned arms of
France/Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe, crowns in angles.  Scarce this nice!
 PCGS MS64--$2,250.00

FRANCE  1 Salut d'or  ND  Henri VI (1422-1453)  FR. 301  Madonna and archangel Gabriel
behind arms of France and England/Rev: Latin cross between fleur de lis and leopard in polylobe.
(cats. $2000 EF in FR)  
PCGS AU58--------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or a la croisette  ND  Francois I (1515-1547)  FR. 351  Crowned arms/
Rev: Plain cross.  Struck at Rouen in 1541.  (cats. $2000 EF in FR)  
NGC MS62-----------$2,450.00

FRANCE  1651-A  1 Louis d'or "a la meche longue"  Louis XIV  FR. 418 (KM157.1)  
Child head with long curl!  Paris mint  (cats. $2500 in MS60 in KM)  PCGS MS61-----------$2,450.00

FRANCE  1701-&  1 Louis d’or  Louis XIV  “Double L’s over crossed insignia”  FR. 436
(KM334.26)  First year of the type struck at Aix!  Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS63------------$3,450.00

FRANCE  1702-L  2 Louis d'or "aux 8 L et aux insignes" Louis XIV  FR. 435 (KM335.9)  
Old laureate head with short hair/Rev: Four cruciform crowned double L's over crossed insignia.  
One year type from the Bayonne mint!  RARE this is the only specimen graded by NGC for
this date/mint!  Really nice quality with absolutely no problems and luster still remaining in
the devices!  (cats. $4000 VF in FR)  
NGC VF30--------------------------------------------$3,450.00

FRANCE  1702-P  1 Louis d'or  Louis XIV  FR. 436 (KM334.16)  Old laureate head with short hair/
Rev: Four cruciform crowned double L's over crossed insignia.  Struck at the Dijon mint!  
Scarce in mint state!  This is the only specimen of this date/mm graded by NGC!  
NGC MS60----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  AN 12-A  20 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte  "First Consul"  FR. 480 (KM651)
Two year type!  (cats. $600 in XF40/$1800 in MS60 in KM)  NGC AU58-------------------$750.00

FRANCE  1807-M  40 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte  FR. 486 (KM#A688.3)  Scarce one
year type struck at the Toulouse mint!  Only 4,994 minted!  (cats. $1125 in VF20 in KM)  
NGC VF35------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

FRANCE  1811-A  20 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 511 (KM695.1)
Cats. $1200 in MS60 in KM!  NGC MS61-----------------------------------------------------$650.00

FRANCE  1811-A  40 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 505 (KM696.1)
Cats. $1675 in MS60 in KM!  NGC MS61---------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

FRANCE  1813-A  20 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 511 (KM695.1)  
NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

FRANCE  1858-BB  50 Francs  Napoleon IIII "Bare head"  FR. 572 (KM785.2)  Scarce
only 9,135 struck!  (cats. $1975 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS62-----------$1,650.00

FRANCE  1859-A  5 Francs  Napoleon III "Bare head"  FR. 578a (KM787.1)  
Scarce this nice!  NGC MS63+ --------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

FRANCE  1859-BB  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  Napoleon III "Bare head"  FR. 570 (KM786.2)
Only 9,305 struck.  (cats. $2500 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM)  
PCGS MS62---------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1862-BB  50 Francs  Napoleon III  "Laureate head”  FR. 583 (KM804.2)
First year of the type from the Strasbourg mint!  Scarce date with only 7,310 minted!  
NGC AU58-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

FRANCE  1863-BB  100 Francs (.9334 oz )  Napoleon III "Laureate head"  FR. 581
(KM802.2)  Scarcer date with only 3,745 minted!  NGC AU58------------------------------$2,450.00

FRANCE  1865-A  50 Francs  Napoleon III "Laureate head"  FR. 582 (KM804.1)
Scarce date with only 3,740 minted!  NGC AU58---------------------------------------------$950.00

FRANCE  1866-A  50 Francs  Napoleon III "Laureate head"  FR. 582 (KM804.1)
Cats. $1380 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS62-------------------------------$1,250.00

FRANCE  1866-A  100 Francs  Napoleon III "Laureate head"  FR. 580 (KM802.1)
Only 9,041 minted!  Scarce this nice!  PCGS MS63------------------------------------------$4,450.00

FRANCE  1869-A  100 Francs  (.9334 oz)  Napoleon III “Laureate head”  FR. 580
(KM802.1)  Cats. $1900 in XF40/$3100 in MS60 in KM.  
NGC MS61--------------------$2,250.00

FRANCE  1878 gold medal  .900 fine, 25.25 grams  Liberty head/Rev: Legend.  Issued for the
Exposition Universelle de Paris "Animal Reproduction!"  Designed by Barre who was the chief
engraver for the Paris mint during the reign of Napoleon III and was responsible for all of his coinage!  
A beautiful gold medal!  
PCGS SP64---------------------------------------------------------$1,650.00

FRANCE  1906-A  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  "Angel Writing"  Third Republic  FR. 590
PCGS MS63---------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00