Gold Inventory of France
Fall 2017
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FRANCE-Aquitaine  1 Salut d’or  ND  Henri IV (King of England and France 1422-1453)  FR. 18
Madonna and archangel Gabriel behind arms of France and England/Rev: Latin cross between
fleur de lis and leopard in polylobe.  Scarce  (cats. $3000 XF in FR)  
NGC MS61-------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or  ND  Philippe VI de Valois (1328-1350)  FR. 270  King with sword
and shield, seated on Gothic throne/Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe.  
NGC AU50-----$1,650.00
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1 Mouton d'or  ND  Jean II le Bon (1350-1364)  FR. 280  Lamb and cruciform staff
with flying banner/Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe, fleurs de lis in angles.  Scarce
(cats. $2750 EF)  NGC AU Details (scratches)----------------------------------------$1,950.00
NGC MS61 (Rare in mint state!)--------------------------------------------------------------$4,950.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or a la couronne  ND  Charles VI  (1380-1422)  FR. 291  Crowned arms
of France/Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe, crown in angles. NGC MS64 (Scarce this nice!)--$2,450.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d’or a la petite croix  ND  Francois I (1515-1547)  FR. 347  Crowned arms,
small radiate sun above/Rev: Two F’s and two fleur de lis in angles of cross.  Small cross added
to both the obverse and reverse designs.  Scarce in this quality mint state!  NGC MS63-------$3,450.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or a la croisette  ND  Francois I (1515-1547)  FR. 351  Bayonne mint  
Crowned arms/Rev: Plain cross.  (cats. $2000 in FR)  
NGC XF45---------------------------$1,250.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or a la croisette  ND  Francois I (1515-1547)  FR. 351
Crowned arms/Rev: Plain cross.  "K" mintmark (for Bordeaux)  Scarce  
(cats. $2000 EF in FR)  
NGC AU55---------------------------------------------------------$1,550.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or a la croisette  ND  Francois I (1515-1547)  FR. 351  Rouen mint  
(cats. $2000 EF in FR)  Scarce in this high mint state grade!  NGC MS64--------------------$3,450.00

FRANCE  1690-P  1 Louis d’or “a l’ecu”  Louis XIV  FR. 429 (KM278.13)  Old laureate
head with long hair/Rev: Crowned arms of France.  Dijon mint  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

FRANCE  1737-A  1 Louis d’or “aux lunettes”  Louis XV  FR. 461 (KM489.1)  
Tied for finest graded at NGC!  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

FRANCE  1744-&  2 Louis d'or  Louis XV  FR. 463 (KM519.22)  This type struck for only
three years at the Aix mint!  Scarce! This is the only specimen of this date/mm graded by NGC!  
NGC AU58----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

FRANCE  1786-W  1 Louis d'or  Louis XVI  FR. 475 (KM591.15)  Scarce in this top quality!  
NGC MS65---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1786-A  2 Louis d’or  Louis XVI  FR. 474 (KM592.1)  Choice quality with PL luster!  
NGC MS64---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

FRANCE  1786-D  2 Louis d’or  Louis XVI  FR. 474 (KM592.5)  NGC MS62------------$1,750.00

FRANCE  1789-W  1 Louis d’or  Louis XVI  FR. 475 (KM591.15)  Bare older head/
Rev: Crown over two rectangular shields.  Struck at Lille.  Low mintage scarcer date!  
NGC MS61---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

FRANCE  1811-A  20 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 511 (KM695.1)
Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS63-----------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

FRANCE  1812-A  20 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 511 (KM695.1)
Cats. $1200 in MS60 in KM!  NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------$950.00

FRANCE  1812-A  40 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 505 (KM696.1)  
Cats. $2150 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM!  Our specimen is tied for finest graded by NGC!  
RARE this nice!  
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------$4,450.00

FRANCE  1813-A  20 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 511 (KM695.1)  
Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  Scarce this nice!  NGC MS63-----------------------------------$1,450.00

FRANCE  1815-A  20 Francs  Louis XVIII  "Uniformed bust"  FR. 525 (KM706.1)  
First Restoration two year type!  NGC AU53-------------------------------------------------$350.00

FRANCE  1817-A  20 Francs  Louis XVIII  "Bare head"  Second Government  FR. 538
(KM712.1)  Cats. $730 in MS60/$1300 in MS63 in KM!)  NGC MS62---------------------$750.00

FRANCE  1828-A  20 Francs  Charles X  "Bare head"  FR. 549 (KM726.1)  
Cats. $1800 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM!)  NGC MS62-------------------------------$950.00

FRANCE  1831-A  20 Francs  Louis Philippe I  "Bare head with incused edge letters"  
FR. 553a (KM739.1)  NGC AU55-----------------------------------------------------------$350.00

FRANCE  1834-A  20 Francs  Louis Philippe I  "Laureate head"  FR. 560 (KM750.1)  
NGC AU58-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

FRANCE  1851-A  20 Francs  “Ceres head” Second Republic  FR. 566 (KM762)  
Last year of the three year type!
 NGC AU58----------------------------------$350.00  
(unpriced in BU in KM)  NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------$950.00
PCGS MS65-------------------------------------$950.00   PCGS MS66-----------------$1,450.00

FRANCE  1852-A  20 Francs  Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (Second Republic)  FR. 568
(KM774)  One year type!  (cats. $950 in MS60
/$1550 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS62------------------------$650.00  NGC MS63-----------------------------------$850.00

FRANCE  1855-A  50 Francs  Napoleon III "Bare head"  FR. 571 (KM785.1)  
First year of the type!  
NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------------$950.00

FRANCE  1855-A  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  Napoleon III  “Bare head”  FR. 569 (KM786.1)  
First year of the type!  
NGC MS61----------------$2,450.00  NGC MS62------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1856-A  50 Francs  Napoleon III "Bare head"  FR. 571 (KM785.1)  
Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS63-----------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

FRANCE  1858-A  100 Francs  Napoleon III  “Bare head”  FR. 569 (KM786.1)  
NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1859-BB  50 Francs (.4667 oz)  Napoleon III “Bare head”  FR. 572 (KM785.2)  
Only one graded higher by NGC!  Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS64----------------------------$2,450.00

FRANCE  1862-A  50 Francs  Napoleon III "Laureate head"  FR. 582 (KM804.1)  
First year of the type!  Cats. $1380 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM!  NGC MS62--------$1,650.00

FRANCE  1862-BB  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  Napoleon III “Laureate head”  FR. 581
(KM802.2)  First year of the type struck at the Strasbourg mint!  Scarce only 3,078 struck!  
NGC AU58----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

FRANCE  1865-A  100 Francs  (.9334 oz)  Napoleon III “Laureate head”  FR. 580
(KM802.1)  Scarce date with only 1,517 struck!  
NGC AU58-------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1868-A  100 Francs  (.9334 oz)  Napoleon III “Laureate head”  FR. 580
(KM802.1)  Scarce date with only 2,315 struck!  (cats. $3450 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC MS61---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1869-A  100 Francs  (.9334 oz)  Napoleon III “Laureate head”  FR. 580
(KM802.1)  Cats. $3100 in MS60 in KM.  
NGC MS60---$2,250.00  NGC MS61-----$2,450.00
NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,750.00

FRANCE  1886-A  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  “Angel Writing”  Third Republic  FR. 590
PCGS MS63--------------$2,250.00   NGC MS63-----------------------------$2,250.00

FRANCE  1900-A  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  “Angel Writing”  Third Republic  FR. 590
(KM832)  NGC MS62------------$2,250.00  
NGC MS63---------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1904-A  50 Francs  "Angel Writing" Third Republic  FR. 591 (KM831)  
Last year of the type!  (cats. $3000 in MS63 in KM)  Scarce this nice!  NGC MS63---------$1,950.00

FRANCE  1911-A  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  "Angel Writing" Third Republic  FR. 590 (KM858)  
Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS63+ -------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

FRANCE  1935  100 Francs  "Bazor" Third Republic  FR. 598 (KM880)  (cats. $1700 MS60/
$2100 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

FRANCE  1936  100 Francs  "Bazor" Third Republic  FR. 598 (KM880)  Last year of the type!
(cats. $1700 MS60/$2100 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS61-----------------------------------$1,350.00

FRANCE  1955 gold medal (approx. size of a 25 Francs)  “French President Coty’s
Visit to the Mint”  Mazzard-2776  Scarce  First we’ve handled!  
NGC MS65-----------------$1,450.00

FRANCE  1998  50 Francs  "Treasures of the Nile"  FR. 699 (KM1208)  Portrait of
J.F. Champollion with obelisk at right/Rev: Sphinx and pyramids.  Only 3000 struck of this
one year type!  NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------$550.00