Gold Inventory of France
Summer 2019
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FRANCE  1 Salut d'or  Henri VI (1422-1453)  FR. 301  Madonna and archangel Gabriel behind
arms of France and England/Rev: Latin cross between fleur de lis and leopard in polylobe.  
St. Lo mint   Scarce this nice!  NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------$4,450.00

FRANCE  1 Ecu d'or Neuf a la couronne ND  Charles VII (1422-1461)  FR. 307  
Crowned arms of France flanked by two fleur de lis/Rev: Floriated cross in quadrilobe, a crown
in each angle.  La Rochelle mint.  We don't agree with the determination of NGC calling this coin
"clipped" as it has full legends and is completely round!  In fact it's one of the nicest specimens of
this type we have seen!  NGC UNC Details (clipped)----------------------------------------$1,650.00

FRANCE  1811-A  20 Francs  Napoleon Bonaparte "Laureate head"  FR. 511 (KM695.1)
Cats. $1200 in MS60 in KM!  NGC MS61----------------------------------------------------$650.00

FRANCE  1906-A  100 Francs (.9334 oz)  "Angel Writing"  Third Republic  FR. 590
PCGS MS63---------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00