Summer 2017
German Gold Inventory
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GERMANY-Baden  1913-G  20 Marks  Friedrich II  FR. 3760 (KM284)  
Only five graded higher by NGC!  Lowest mintage of the four year type!  
NGC MS63---------$750.00

GERMANY-Bavaria  1731  1/4 Carolin  Karl Albert  FR. 231 (KM404)  Bust right/
Rev: Madonna and child seated.  Scarce  This is the only specimen graded by NGC!  
NGC VF25----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GERMANY-Bavaria  1752  1 Maximilian d'or  Maximilian III Joseph  FR. 242 (KM495)  
Bust right/Rev: Madonna with child seated on shield.  Scarce  This is the only specimen graded
by NGC!  (cats. $3500 EF in FR)  
NGC AU55---------------------------------------------$2,450.00

GERMANY-Bavaria  1905-D  20 Marks  Otto  FR. 3768 (KM920)  NGC MS62----------$550.00

GERMANY-Brunswick-Luneburg  1755  1 Goldgulden (2 Thaler)  George I (of England)  
FR. 611 (KM322)  Scarce this nice!  (cats. $2000 XF in FR-highest grade listed there and
unpriced in Unc in KM!)  
NGC MS64------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

GERMANY-Hamburg  1909-J  10 Marks  Free City  FR. 3781 (KM292)  Last year of the type!
Scarce this nice and tied for finest graded!  
NGC MS64--------------------------------------$1,250.00

GERMANY-Hesse-Darmstadt  1897-A  20 Marks  Ernst Ludwig  FR. 3794 (KM371)
NGC AU58-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GERMANY-Nurnberg "Baptismal" Ducat  ND (late 18th century)  GPH-1076  
Christ on cross over heart/Rev: Legend.  Scarce this nice!
 PCGS MS63---------------------$1,250.00

GERMANY-Prussia  1888-A  20 Marks  Friedrich III  FR. 3828 (KM515)  One year type!
NGC MS65----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GERMANY-Saxony  1913-E  20 Marks  Friedrich August III  FR. 3848 (KM1265)  
Lowest mintage of the three year type!  Finest graded by NGC!  NGC MS65---------------$1,450.00

GERMANY-Westphalia  1810-B  10 Thaler  Hieronymus Napoleon  FR. 3511 (KM115)  
EXTREMELY RARE one year type!  (cats. $7000 Unc in FR/$6000 in MS60 and unpriced
in MS63 in KM)  This is the only specimen that has been slabbed by NGC!  
NGC MS62----$7,500.00

GERMANY-Westphalia  1813-C  10 Franken  Hieronymus Napoleon  FR. 3518 (KM126.1)  
Scarce only 1,000 minted of this one year type!  NGC AU58---------------------------------$1,750.00

GERMANY-Wurttemberg  1900-F  20 Marks  Wilhelm II  FR. 3876 (KM634)
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00
NGC MS65 (RARE this nice! Only three graded higher by NGC!)--------------------------$1,250.00

GERMANY-Federal Republic  2008-D  100 Euro (.50 oz)  "UNESCO Heritage Site-Goslar"  
FR. 3886 (KM270)  One year type!  GEM BU in original case with certificate-----------------$950.00