Summer 2018
German Gold Inventory
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GERMANY-Nurnberg  1617  1 Goldgulden  FR. 1810 (KM25.2)  St. Lawrence standing
holding gridiron facing left/Rev: Oval arms in ornate frame.  (unpriced in MS60 in KM!)  
Finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS62------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

GERMANY-Nurnberg  1700-GFN  1/2 Ducat Round  FR. 1887 (KM254)  Date in chronogram.  
(cats. $1000 in MS60 in KM!)  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------$950.00

GERMANY-Nurnberg (1700)-GFN  1/4 Ducat Klippe (square)  FR. 1892 (KM252)  
PCGS MS64---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GERMANY-Pfalz  1 Goldgulden  ND  Ruprecht I (1353-1390)  FR. 1967b  Arms in triobe/
Rev: St. John with eagle to the right of his head.  Struck 1372-1375.  (cats. $2000 EF in FR)  
NGC XF45--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

GERMANY-Prussia  1888-A  20 Marks  Friedrich III  FR. 3828 (KM515)  One year type!  
NGC MS63---------------------$550.00  
NGC MS64-------------------------------------$650.00

GERMANY-Prussia  1890-A  20 Marks PROOF  Wilhelm II  FR. 3831 (KM521)  
This date unlisted in Proof in KM!  Scarce  
NGC PF62------------------------------------$1,250.00

GERMANY-Federal Republic  2008-D  100 Euro (.50 oz)  "UNESCO Heritage Site-Goslar"  
FR. 3886 (KM270)  One year type!  GEM BU in original case with certificate---------------$850.00