Fall 2019
German Gold Inventory
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GERMANY-Hamburg  1913-J  20 Marks  Free City  FR. 3777 (KM618)  
Final year of the type!  
NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GERMANY-Hesse-Darmstadt  1873-H  20 Marks  Ludwig III  FR. 3783 (KM351)  
Cats. $800 in XF40 in KM!  
NGC AU50-----------------------------------------------------$750.00

GERMANY-Hesse-Darmstadt  1896-A  20 Marks  Ernest Ludwig  FR. 3794 (KM371)
First year of the type!  (cats. $1200 in XF40/$2400 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC AU Details (rev. rim filed)--------------------------------------------------------------$995.00

GERMANY-Prussia  1888-A  10 Marks  Friedrich III  FR. 3829 (KM514)  One year type!  
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

GERMANY-Prussia  1888-A  20 Marks  Friedrich III  FR. 3828 (KM515)  One year type!  
NGC AU55----------------------$450.00  
NGC AU58--------------------------------------$495.00

GERMANY-Saxony  1903-E  20 Marks  Georg  FR. 3846 (KM1260)  One year type!  
(cats. $950 Unc in FR)  
NGC MS64---------------------------------------------------------$950.00

GERMANY-Weimar Republic  1928 medallic 10 Marks "von Hindenburg" by Bernhart  
NGC PF62----------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

GERMANY  1929 "Zeppelin World Tour" gold medal  "Map of the world showing the stops
made during the first around the world flight of the airship Graf Zeppelin"  Kaiser # 511.3
22.5 mm., 6.52 grams struck in 18 Karat gold by the Prussian State Mint!  
NGC PROOF AU Details (obv. tooled)------------------------------------------$450.00
NGC PF66 CAMEO (Scarce in this grade!)-------------------------------------------------$950.00