Winter 2018
German Gold Inventory
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GERMANY-Nurnberg  "Baptism" medallic gold 2 Ducats (circa 1700)  29 mm., 6.95 grams  
Goppel-4383, Erlanger-2446  Scarce  
NGC AU58-----------------------------------------$1,950.00

GERMANY-Nurnberg medallic  3 Ducat  "Confirmation" ND (struck circa 1790-1810)  28 mm  
NGC MS61------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

GERMANY-Saxony  1905-E  20 Marks  Friedrich August III  FR. 3848 (KM1265)  
First year of the type!  
NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GERMANY-Saxony  1913-E  20 Marks  Friedrich August III  FR. 3848 (KM1265)  
Lowest mintage of the three year type!  Finest graded by NGC!  NGC MS65---------------$1,250.00

GERMANY  1929  "Graf Zeppelin" gold medal  Struck in 18 Karat (.750 fine) gold by the
Prussian State Mint to commemorate the first around the world flight of the airship Graf Zeppelin
in August of 1929!  Kaiser 511.3, 22.5 mm., 6.52 grams.  Conjoined busts of Zeppelin, Eckener
and Durr/Rev: Map of the world showing stops made during the flight!  Scarce  
NGC PF64 CAMEO-----------------------------------------------------------------------$850.00

GERMANY  1929  "Zeppelin World Tour" gold medal  Kaiser 510.3 (22.5 mm., 6.46 grams)  
Conjoined busts of Zeppelin and Eckener facing left/Rev: Airship LZ127 floating over clouds and
the ocean. Commemorates the first around the world flight!  NGC PF63 CAMEO------------$950.00