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GREAT BRITAIN  1798  1 Guinea  George III  FR. 356 (KM609)
NGC MS62-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,650.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1804  1/2 Guinea  George III  FR. 364 (KM651)  Cats. $1200 in MS60/
$1400 in MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS62-------------------------------------------------------$950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1817  1/2 Sovereign  George III  FR. 372 (KM673)  First year of the type!  
(cats. $1975 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS64------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1887  2 Pounds  Victoria "Jubilee"  FR. 391 (KM768)  One year type!  
(cats. $2000 Unc in FR/$1800 MS60 and $2250 in MS63 in KM)   NGC MS63----------$1,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  2 Pounds  Edward VII  FR. 399 (KM806)  One year type!  
(unpriced in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS63---------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1908  1 Sovereign  Edward VII  FR. 400 (KM805)  
NGC MS62-------$450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1925  1 Sovereign  George V  FR. 404 (KM820)  Last year of the type!
NGC MS65---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  2008 complete 4 pc. gold "Britannia" PROOF set  FR. 499-502  
(KM1099-1102)  Set consists of the 10-25-50-100 Pounds (total 1.85 oz)  
Only 1250 sets issued!  All four coins are slabbed as NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------$3,250.00

ISLE OF MAN  1965  1/2 Pound  "200th Anniversary of Acquisiton"  FR. 3 (KM15)  
Only 1500 Uncs minted of this one year type!  
NGC MS63----------------------------------$250.00

JERSEY  1972  10 Pounds  "Gold torque/25th Wedding Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II"  
FR. 4 (KM40)  One year type!  
NGC MS66------------------------------------------------$250.00
Fall 2018