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GREAT BRITAIN  1 Ryal (Rose Noble)  ND  Edward IV (First Reign 1461-1470)  FR. 132
(S-1950)  Ruler standing in ship with sword and shield, rose on bow/Rev: Radiate rose within
royal emblems.  Crown mintmark (struck 1466-1467 at London)  Scarce  (cats. $6500 EF in FR)  
PCGS AU50-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$4,450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1776  1 Guinea  George III  FR. 355 (KM604)  Popular date for
Revolutionary War collectors!  ANACS VF20------------------------------------------------$950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1798  1 Guinea  George III  FR. 356 (KM609)  Scarce in this choice quality!  
PCGS MS63+ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1871  1 Sovereign  Victoria  "Shield reverse"  FR. 387i (KM736.2)  
Scarce this nice!  NGC MS64--------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1872  1 Sovereign  Victoria  "St. George reverse"  FR. 388 (KM752)
PCGS MS62-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1892  1 Sovereign  Victoria  "Jubilee"  FR. 392 (KM767)  
Last year of the type!  
NGC MS61-----------------------------------------------------------$450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1937 complete 4 pc gold PROOF set. -------------------------------$19,500.00
Consists of the:
1/2 Sovereign,  NGC PF64 CAMEO
1 Sovereign,  NGC PF63+ CAMEO
2 Pounds,  NGC PF64
5 Pounds,  NGC PF63+ * CAMEO

GREAT BRITAIN  2008 complete 4 pc. gold "Britannia" PROOF set  FR. 499-502  
(KM1099-1102)  Set consists of the 10-25-50-100 Pounds (total 1.85 oz)  
Only 1250 sets issued!  All four coins are slabbed as NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------$2,950.00

ISLE OF MAN  1965  1/2 Pound  "200th Anniversary of Acquisiton"  FR. 3 (KM15)  
Only 1500 Uncs minted of this one year type!  
NGC MS63----------------------------------$250.00

ISLE OF MAN  1988  1 Sovereign  "Four crowned shields"  FR. 50 (KM265)  
Only 1,600 Proofs struck of this one year type!  Scarce this is the only specimen NGC
has graded!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------$750.00
Spring 2019