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GREAT BRITAIN  Double Crown  ND  James I (Second Coinage struck 1612-1613)  
FR. 235  (KM40, S-2623)  Fifth crowned bust of James I right/Rev: Crowned arms.  Scarce  
(cats. $4500 EF in FR/$2200 in XF40 in KM)  
NGC AU55-------------------------------$2,250.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1/4 Laurel  ND (1624)  James I (Third Coinage)  FR. 244 (S-2642B)  
KM69  Laureate armored bust left/Rev: Crowned arms.  (cats. $1800 EF in FR/
$1500 XF40 in KM)  Scarce in mint state!  NGC MS61----------------------------------$1,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1670  1 Guinea  Charles II  FR. 287 (KM424.1)  Scarce  
(cats. $3250 in FR/$4000 in VF20 in KM)  NGC VF35-----------------------------------$3,450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1688  1 Guinea  "Elephant and castle below bust"  James II  FR. 296
(KM459.2)  Last year of the type!  Scarce  (cats. $4250 in FR/$3000 in VF20 in KM)  
NGC VF35------------------------------------------------------------------------------$3,750.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1711  1/2 Guinea  Anne  FR. 323 (KM527)  Only three specimens have
been graded in total!  (cats. $4000 in FR/$3500 in KM)  Scarce  NGC XF45--------------$2,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1776  1 Guinea  George III  (KM604)  Popular date for Revolutionary War
NGC VF25--------------------------------------------------------------------$1,650.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1791  1/2 Guinea  George III  FR. 362 (KM608)  Scarce in this top quality!  
(cats. $1700 Unc/unpriced in BU in KM)  Finest graded for this date!  NGC MS64--------$2,450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1798  1 Guinea  George III  FR. 356 (KM609)
NGC MS61------------------$1,250.00  NGC MS62----------------------------$1,750.00
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1808  1/3 Guinea  George III  FR. 367 (KM650)  Cats. $1600 in MS63
in KM!  Only three graded higher by NGC!  NGC MS63------------------------------------$950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1826  1/2 Sovereign  George IV  "Bare head"  FR. 380 (KM700)  
First year of the type!  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1877  1/2 Sovereign  Victoria  "Young head/Rev: Shield"  FR. 389f
(KM735.2)  Finest graded by NGC!  (cats. $1100 in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS63----------$950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1887  2 Pounds  Victoria “Jubilee”  FR. 391 (KM768)  One year type!  
(cats. $2000 Unc in FR/$1800 in MS60 in KM)    
NGC MS62+ ----------------------$1,650.00  NGC MS63-----------------------------$1,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  1/2 Sovereign  MATTE PROOF  Edward VII  FR. 401a
(KM804)  One year type!  
NGC PF61 MATTE---------------------------------------------$550.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  2 Pounds  MATTE PROOF Edward VII  FR. 399a (KM806)
One year type!  NGC PF63 MATTE------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  5 Pounds  MATTE PROOF  Edward VII  FR. 398a (KM807)
Only 8,066 Matte Proofs struck!   PCGS PR62 MATTE ----------------------------------$5,500.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  5 Pounds  Edward VII  FR. 398 (KM807)
One year type!  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  NGC MS63 ----------------------------------$6,500.00

GREAT BRITAIN  2016  25 Pounds (.25 oz)  "Queen's Beast: Lion of England"  KM-unlisted
FR-unlisted  PCGS Brilliant Uncirculated-----------------------------------------------------$450.00

GUERNSEY  2002  5 Pounds PIEFORT (2.354 oz)  "Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee"  
KM#P3 (type of KM119c but double thickness)  FR. 34a  RARE only 100 struck!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------------$4,950.00

ISLE OF MAN  1987  1/2 Crown Gold (.50 oz)  "United States Constitution"  FR. 47
(KM187)  One year typer!  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------$850.00

ISLE OF MAN  1987  1 Crown Palladium (1 oz)  "America's Cup"  FR. 48 (KM179c)  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

ISLE OF MAN  1995  1/4 Noble  Bi-metallic (1/8 oz gold and 1/8 oz platinum)  "Viking ship"  
FR. B8 (KM-unlisted)  NGC GEM PROOF-------------------------------------------------$450.00

ISLE OF MAN  1995  1/4 Angel  Bi-metallic (1/8 oz gold and 1/8 oz platinum)  "St. Michael
slaying dragon"  FR. B20 (KM-unlisted)  NGC GEM PROOF-------------------------------$450.00

ISLE OF MAN  2004  2 Crowns Palladium (2 oz)  "Bicentennial of Discovery of Palladium"  
FR. 146 (KM1200)  Scarce only 300 struck!  Tied for finest graded of this one year type!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00

ISLE OF MAN  2009  1 Crown Palladium (1 oz)  "Fall of the Berlin Wall"  FR. 178
(type of KM1373 but struck in Palladium)  First we've seen of this type!  
PCGS PR69 DEEP CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

ISLE OF MAN  2010  1 Angel Platinum (1 oz) “High Relief”  FR-unlisted (KM-unlisted)
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

ISLE OF MAN  2011  1 Angel Palladium (1 oz)  "St. Michael Slaying dragon"  FR. B15c
(KM-unlisted)  Only 479 actually struck!  Finest grade possible!  
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00
Spring 2018