British Gold Inventory
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GREAT BRITAIN  1791  1 Guinea  George III  FR. 356 (KM609)  NGC MS62----------$1,750.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1798  1 Guinea  George III  FR. 356 (KM609)  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,650.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1801  1/2 Guinea  George III  FR. 363 (KM649)  Scarce in this quality!
(cats. $1665 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS64------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1808  1/3 Guinea  George III  FR. 367 (KM650)  Cats. $1600 in MS63
in KM!  Only three graded higher by NGC!  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------$950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1871  1 Sovereign  Victoria "Shield reverse"  FR. 387i (KM736.2)
NGC MS63---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  2 Pounds  Edward VII  FR. 399 (KM806)  One year type!
NGC MS61--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  1/2 Sovereign MATTE PROOF  Edward VII  FR. 401a
(KM804)  PCGS PR62----------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  1 Sovereign MATTE PROOF  Edward VII  FR. 400a
NGC PF61 MATTE------$950.00  PCGS PR62-------------------------------$1,250.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1902  2 Pounds MATTE PROOF  Edward VII  FR. 399a
(KM806)  One year type!  PCGS PR61----------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

GREAT BRITAIN  1937  1/2 Sovereign  George VI  FR. 412 (KM858)  One year type
struck in Proof only!  5,500 mintage  NGC PF65 CAMEO---------------------------------$1,250.00

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