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Summer 2017
Italian Gold Inventory
ITALY-Florence  1 Florin  ND Republic (1252-1422)  FR. 275  St. John/Rev: Lily.  
(cats. $1500 EF in FR)  NGC AU55---------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

ITALY-Milan  1594  1 Doppia  Filippo II  FR. 716 (KM#MB178)  Crowned radiate head
to right, date below/Rev: Crowned arms. (cats. $2000 in FR/$2500 in KM)  
NGC XF45-----$1,450.00

ITALY-Naples & Sicily  1766  6 Ducati  Ferdinando IV  FR. 846a (KM#C75)  
Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

ITALY-Naples & Sicily  1776  6 Ducati  Ferdinando IV  FR. 940 (KM#C76)  
Popular date for Revolutionary War collectors!  
NGC AU53-------------$1,250.00
NGC UNC Details (obv. scratched)---------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

ITALY-Parma  1787-S  1 Doppia  Ferdinando do Borbone  FR. 930 (KM#C18a)  
Only two specimens graded by NGC and both are the same grade!  (cats. $1500 XF in KM)  
NGC AU58----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

ITALY-Papal States  1 Scudo d’oro  ND  Pope Paul III (1534-1549)  FR. 65  Arms/
Rev: St. Paul standing.  Scarce  
NGC VF Details (rim filing)------------------------------------$750.00

ITALY-Papal States  1751  1 Zecchino  Pope Benedict XIV  Year XI  KM943
(FR. 231 under Vatican)  Scarce this nice!  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------$1,250.00

ITALY-Papal States  1853-R  1 Scudo  Pope Pius IX  FR. 275 (KM1358)  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC MS65----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

ITALY-Papal States  1866-R  20 Lire  Year XXI  Pope Pius IX  FR. 280 (KM1382.2)  
Cats. $800 XF in KM!  
NGC AU58------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

ITALY-Sardinia  1787  1 Doppia  Vittorio Amadeo III  FR. 1120 (KM86)  Cats. $2100 XF
in KM!  This is the only specimen graded by NGC!  
NGC AU53-----------------------------$1,450.00

ITALY-Sardinia  1828-P  80 Lire  Carlo Felice  FR. 1133 (KM123.2)  Anchor mintmark
(for Genoa)  Scarce date with 8,961 minted!  (cats. $2800 in XF40/$5000 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC AU55---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

ITALY-Sardinia  1834-P  100 Lire  Carlo Alberto  FR. 1138 (KM#133.1)  Eagle head
mintmark (for Turin)  
NGC AU58------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

ITALY-Sardinia  1840-P  100 Lire  Carlo Alberto  FR. 1139 (KM#C117.1)  Anchor mintmark
(for Genoa)  Scarce date with only 1,003 minted!  NGC AU55-------------------------------$2,950.00

ITALY-Venice  1 Zecchino  ND  Alvise Mocenigo IV (1763-1778)  FR. 1421 (KM671)  
Cats. $800 XF/unpriced in Unc in KM!  NGC MS63-------------------------------------------$750.00

ITALY-Venice  1 Zecchino  ND  Ludovico Manin  (1789-1797)  FR. 1445 (KM755)  
Cats. $700 in MS60 in KM!  
NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------$550.00

ITALY  1863-T  10 Lire  Vittorio Emanuele II  FR. 15 (KM9.3)  NGC MS65---------------$450.00

ITALY  1931-R  100 Lire  Vittorio Emanuele III  FR. 33 (KM72)  Year IX  (cats. $1700 in MS60/
$2500 in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS62--------$750.00  NGC MS64---------------------------$950.00

ITALY-Rimini (Commune Token Coinage) medallic gold 20 Marenghi  (.2893 oz)  ND (1998)  
KM#Tn13  Quartered devices with denomination in lower right section/Rev: Sunface in order chain.
First specimen we've seen!  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------------------------$750.00

SAN MARINO  1978  10 Scudi (.8845 oz)  "Liberty"  FR. 13 (KM88)  One year type and the
only year this denomination was struck!  
NGC MS64-----------------------------------------$1,650.00

SAN MARINO  1999-R  5 Scudi (.50 oz)  “Birth of Venus” Republic  FR. 77 (KM388)   
Only three have been graded by NGC!  NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------------$1,250.00