Spring 2018
MEXICO  1714-Mo J  4 Escudos cob  Philip V  FR. 7a (KM55.2)  Legend and date around
crowned arms/Rev: Legend around cross.  (unpriced in Unc in KM)  Recovered from the
1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet wrecks!  RARE in this top quality!  
NGC MS65------------$14,500.00

MEXICO  1811/0-Mo HJ  1 Escudo  Ferdinand VII  "Large armored bust"  FR. 49 (KM121)  
Unpriced in MS60 in KM!  Finest graded by NGC of this overdate variety and scarce this nice!  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1825-Mo JM  4 Escudos  "Hand on book" Republic  FR. 77 (KM381.6)  
First year of the type!  (cats. $1400 XF in KM)  
NGC AU53------------------------------$1,250.00

MEXICO  1835-Ga FS  2 Escudos  "Hand on book" Republic  FR. 91 (KM380.3)  First year
this type was issued by the Guadalajara mint!  Richard Long’s book states that this date is very
scarce and extremely rare in AU and BU!  Only four specimens have been graded by NGC!  
NGC AU58-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

MEXICO  1845-Go PM  2 Escudos  "Hand on book" Republic  FR. 93 (KM380.5)  First year of
the type from the Guanajuato mint and listed as "Very Scarce" in the Richard Long book on
this series!  Only specimen of this date that has been graded by NGC!  
NGC AU55----------$950.00

MEXICO  1848/7-Ga JG  1 Escudo  “Hand on Book” Republic  FR. 101 (KM379.2)  
Guadalajara mint  Listed as SCARCE in the Richard Long book!  
NGC AU58---------------$750.00

MEXICO  1857-Ga JG  1 Escudo  “Hand on Book” Republic  FR. 101 (KM379.2)  This is the
only specimen that has been graded by NGC!  Scarce in any grade but especially in this choice
mint state quality!  
NGC MS63-------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

MEXICO  1860-Ga JG  1 Escudo  “Hand on Book” Republic  FR. 101 (KM379.2)  
Last year of the type struck at the Guadalajara mint!  NGC AU55-----------------------------$495.00

MEXICO  1867-C CE  1/2 Escudo  "Hand on Book" Republic  FR. 109 (KM378)  
Culiacan mint  Finest graded by NGC!  NGC MS64------------------------------------------$950.00

MEXICO  1869-C CE  8 Escudos  "Hand on Book" Republic  FR. 66 (KM383.2)  
Scarce mint state grade from the Culiacan mint!  
NGC MS62------------------------------$2,950.00

MEXICO  1870-Ga IC  2 Escudos  “Hand on Book” Republic  FR. 97 (KM380.3)  
Guadalajara mint.  Last year of the type struck at this mint!  Listed as VERY RARE in the
Richard Long book!  PCGS AU58--------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

MEXICO  1871/69-Mo M  5 Pesos  "Balance Scales" Republic  FR. 139 (KM412.6)  Scarce
only 1600 minted!  Only two have been graded by NGC!  
NGC MS61----------------------$950.00

MEXICO  1894/3-Mo M  1 Peso  "Eagle"  Republic  FR. 157 (KM410.5)  Only two graded
higher of this overdate variety!  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------$450.00

MEXICO  1896/5-Go R  1 Peso  "Eagle" Republic  FR. 161 (KM410.3)  4,671 minted  
(unpriced in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS63+ ---------------------------------------------------$450.00

MEXICO  1897/6-Go R  1 Peso  "Eagle"  Republic  FR. 161 (KM410.3)  4,280 minted of
this interesting overdate!  (unpriced in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS63+ --------------------------$450.00

MEXICO  1898-Cn M  1 Peso  "Eagle"  Republic  FR. 160 (KM410.3)  3,521 mintage  
NGC MS62-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

MEXICO  1899-Mo M  1 Peso  "Eagle"  Republic  FR. 157 (KM410.5)  9,515 mintage  
NGC MS65----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$495.00

MEXICO  1902-Mo M  1 Peso  “Eagle” Republic  FR. 157 (KM410.5)  Small date variety  
Only two graded higher!  NGC MS65--------------------------------------------------------$495.00

MEXICO  1902-Mo M  1 Peso  “Eagle” Republic  FR. 157 (KM410.5)  Large date variety  
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

MEXICO  1903-Mo M  20 Pesos (.952 oz)  "Balance Scales" Republic  FR. 119 (KM414.6)  
This is the finest graded specimen of this date by NGC!  
NGC MS63+ ---------------------$4,950.00

MEXICO  1921  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  “Centenario”  FR. 172 (KM481)  Scarce first year
of the type!  
PCGS MS63------------------------------------------------------------------$2,750.00

MEXICO  1931  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)  PCGS MS63---$2,250.00

MEXICO  1944  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)  Cats. $2300 in
MS63 in KM!  
NGC MS65----------$2,250.00  NGC MS66----------------------------$2,450.00

MEXICO  1945  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)  
PCGS MS65+ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,250.00

MEXICO  1946  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)  
PCGS MS65---$2,150.00

MEXICO  1947  2 1/2 Pesos  "Hidalgo"  Estados Unidos Mexicanos  FR. 169 (KM463)  
Rarest date of the series!  (cats. $750 in MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS64-------$750.00

MEXICO  1955  5 Pesos  "Hidalgo"  FR. 168-R (KM464)  Official Gov't Restrike  
NGC MS66---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$225.00
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