Fall 2018

MEXICO  1805-Mo TH  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 43 (KM159)  NGC AU58---------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1812-Mo JJ  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII "Large armored bust"  FR. 47 (KM160)  
Last year of the type!  (cats. $2250 XF40 in KM)  
NGC AU55----------------------------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1815/4-Mo JJ  1/2 Escudo  Ferdinand VII  FR. 57 (KM112)  Scarcer overdate
variety!  (cats. $875 in MS60 in KM)  Tied for finest graded by NGC!  
NGC MS61--------$750.00

MEXICO  1815/4-Mo HJ  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  "Laureate head"  FR. 52 (KM161)  
Mexico City mint  (cats. $2150 in XF40 in KM)  
NGC AU53------------------------------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1818-Mo JJ  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 52 (KM161)  
Cats. $2100 XF40 in KM!  
NGC AU55---------------------------------------------------$1,750.00

MEXICO  1921  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  “Centenario”  FR. 172 (KM481)  Scarce first year
of the type!  
PCGS MS63--------$2,450.00   NGC MS63--------------------------------$2,450.00

MEXICO  1943  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM482)  
One year sub-type!  
NGC MS65-----------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

MEXICO  1944  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)  Cats. $2300 in
MS63 in KM!   NGC MS66---------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

MEXICO  1945  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)    
NGC MS65-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

MEXICO  1946  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)
NGC MS65-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,250.00

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