Fall 2019
MEXICO  1805-Mo TH  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 43 (KM159)  NGC AU58-----------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1806-Mo TH  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 43 (KM159)  Mexico City Mint
(cats. $1700 in XF40 in KM)  
NGC AU58--------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1815/4-Mo HJ  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  "Laureate head"  FR. 52 (KM161)
Mexico City mint  (cats. $2150 in XF40 in KM)  
NGC AU53-------------------------------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1816-Mo JJ  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII "Laureate head"  FR. 52 (KM161)  
Mexico City mint  (cats. $2000 XF40/Unpriced in MS60 in KM)  
NGC AU58-------------$1,950.00

MEXICO  1830/29-Mo JM  1 Escudo  "Hand on book" Republic  FR. 97 (KM379.5)  
Listed in the Richard Long book as Extremely Rare!  
NGC AU58----------------------------$950.00

MEXICO  1833-Mo MJ  ½ Escudos  “Hand on Book” Republic  FR. 107 (KM378.5)  
Scarce this nice!  Only two graded higher!
 NGC MS63--------------------------------------$750.00

MEXICO  1848/7-Ga JG  1 Escudo  “Hand on Book” Republic  FR. 101 (KM379.2)  
Guadalajara mint  Listed as SCARCE in the Richard Long book!  
NGC AU58----------------$750.00

MEXICO  1856-Go PF  4 Escudos  "Hand on Book" Republic  FR. 83 (KM381.4)  
Guanajuato mint  This date unlisted in KM!  Listed as EXTREMELY RARE in the Richard
Long book!  This is the only specimen of this date/mm that NGC has graded!!  
NGC VF20--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

MEXICO  1867-C CE  1/2 Escudo  "Hand on Book" Republic  FR. 109 (KM378)  
Culiacan mint  Finest graded by NGC!  NGC MS64------------------------------------------$950.00

MEXICO  1897/6-Go R  1 Peso  "Eagle"  Republic  FR. 161 (KM410.3)  4,280 minted of
this interesting overdate!  (unpriced in MS63 in KM)  
NGC MS63+ -------------------------$450.00

MEXICO  1943  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM482)  One year sub-type!
NGC MS65------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,450.00

MEXICO  1945  50 Pesos (1.2057 oz)  "Centenario"  FR. 172 (KM481)    
NGC MS65-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,250.00
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