Fall 2019
Gold Inventory from
the Middle East
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EGYPT  1999  50 Pounds  "Statue of Ramses II"  (KM921)  One year type!
Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------------------------------$950.00

FUJAIRAH (United Arab Emirates)  1970  25 Riyals  "US President Richard Nixon"  FR. 5
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------------------------------------------$495.00

FUJAIRAH (United Arab Emirates)  1970  50 Riyals  "1972 Munich Olympics"  FR. 4
(KM8)  Scarcer date of the two year type with only 400 struck!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

IRAN  SH1355 (1976)  5 Pahlavi (1.1771 oz)  Muhammad Reza Pahlavi Shah  FR. 99
(KM1202)  Cats. $2850 Unc in FR.   
NGC MS65------------------------------------------$2,450.00

IRAN  MS2536 (1977)  5 Pahlavi (1.1771 oz)  Muhammad Reza Pahlavi Shah  FR. 99
(KM1202)  Cats. $2850 Unc in FR.   
NGC MS66------------------------------------------$2,750.00

ISRAEL  1964  50 Lirot (.3933 oz)  "10th Anniversary of the Bank of Israel" PROOF  FR. 4
(KM44)  RARE only 1,502 Proofs struck of this one year type!  (cats. $2000 in FR/
$2350 in PF65 in KM)  
NGC PF67--------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

SAUDI ARABIA  AD1370 (1950)  1 Guinea (Pound)  FR. 1 (KM36)  One year type!
Scarce in this grade!  NGC MS67-------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

TURKEY  1978  500 Lira  "F.A.O. Issue/Mother breastfeeding infant" Republic  FR. 225
(KM920)  Only 650 struck of this one year type!  NGC PF66---------------------------------$650.00

TURKEY  1978  500 Lira  "705th Anniversary of the death of Jalaladdin Rumi"  Republic
FR. 227 (KM921)  Scarce only 900 struck of this one year type!  (cats. $950 in KM)
GC PF65------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

URKEY  1978  1000 Lira  "F.A.O. Issue/Anatolic bride's head"  FR. 224 (KM922)
Scarce only 650 struck of this one year type!
 NGC PF64+ -------------------------$995.00
NGC PF66 CAMEO (Tied for finest graded Cameo!)---------------------------------------$1,250.00

TURKEY  1979  500 Lira  "F.A.O. Issue/Anatolic bride's head"  FR-unlisted  (KM930)
Scarce only 783 struck of this one year type!  (cats. $1100 in PF65 in KM)
NGC PF64+ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$550.00

TURKEY  1984  50,000 Lira  "Decade for Women"  FR. 237 (KM973)
Only 800 struck of  this one year type!  This is the finest graded specimen by NGC!
NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------$950.00