Russian Gold Inventory
Fall 2019
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RUSSIA  1852  5 Roubles  Nicholas I  FR. 155 (KM#C175.3)  Eagle with wings up/
Rev: Value and date.  (cats. $2000 Unc in FR)  
NGC MS62-----------------------------$1,450.00

RUSSIA  1889  5 Roubles  Alexander III  FR. 169 (KM#Y42)  (cats. $1700 in MS63 in KM)
NGC MS64------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

RUSSIA  1897  7 1/2 Roubles  Nicholas II  FR. 176 (KM#Y63)  One year type!
(cats. $1350 MS60/unpriced in MS63 in KM)  
NGC AU58-------------------------------$750.00

RUSSIA  1897  15 Roubles  Nicholas II  FR. 177 (KM#Y65.2)  One year type with
narrow rim variety!   
PCGS MS61-------------------------------------------------------$1,100.00

RUSSIA  1909  5 Roubles  Nicholas II  FR. 180 (KM#Y62)  Low mintage scarcer date!
NGC MS66 (RARE) this nice!-----------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

RUSSIA  1911  10 Roubles  Nicholas II  FR. 170 (KM#Y64)  Low mintage scarcer date!
(cats. $1680 in MS60/$2000 in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS62-------------------------------$950.00

RUSSIA  1978 (L)  100 Roubles (.50 oz)  “Waterside Grandstand/1980 Olympics”  
FR. 188  (KM#Y162)  Only three graded higher!  RARE  
NGC PF69 MATTE----------$1,750.00

RUSSIA  1990  100 Roubles  (1/2 oz)  "Peter the Great Monument"  FR. 203
(KM#Y252)  One year type!  
NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO---------------------------$1,250.00

RUSSIA  1992  100 Roubles (1/2 oz)  "Wooly Mammoth"  FR. 216 (KM#Y375)  
One year type!  Finest grade possible!  
PCGS PR70 DEEP CAMEO-------------------$1,250.00

RUSSIA  1993  200 Roubles (1 oz)  "Brown bear with cub"  FR. 220 (KM#Y413)  
Only 1,000 struck of this one year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------$2,950.00

RUSSIA  1995  50 Roubles "50th Anniversary of the United Nations"  FR. 251 (KM#Y408)
5,000 minted of this one year type!  
PCGS PR69 DEEP CAMEO--------------------------$750.00

RUSSIA  1995  50 Roubles  “Lynx”  FR. 247 (KM#Y-A475)  Only one graded higher!   
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------------$750.00