Fall 2017
Central & South American
Gold Inventory
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ARGENTINA  2004  10 Pesos  "FIFA World Cup Championship-Germany"  FR. 26
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO-----------------------------------------------------$450.00

BELIZE  1978  $100  "Mayan god Itzamna" (Lord of Heaven and Ruler of the gods)  FR. 4
(KM55)  Only 351 Uncs struck of this one year type!  
NGC MS69---------------------------$295.00

BELIZE  1981  $100  "Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly"  FR. 11 (KM67)  Only 1,658 struck in Proof
of this unusual five-sided planchet!  GEM PROOF in original first day of minting cachet--------$295.00

BELIZE  1983  $100  "Margay Jungle Cat"  FR. 14 (KM73)  Only 494 Proofs struck of this
one year type!  NGC PF68 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------------$350.00

BELIZE  1984  $100 "White-tailed Deer"  FR. 15 (KM74)  Only 965 Proofs struck of this
one year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------------$250.00

BOLIVIA  1797-PTS PP  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 14 (KM81)  NGC XF45------------$1,750.00

BOLIVIA  1801-PTS PP  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 14 (KM81)  Only two graded higher!
NGC AU55--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

BOLIVIA  1868-PTS FE  1 Escudo Republic  FR. 38 (KM141)  Arms/Rev: Value, weight
and fineness in wreath.  One year type!  Scarce in mint state!  (cats. $3000 in FR)  
NGC MS62--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

BRAZIL  1755-R  6,400 Reis  Jose I  FR. 65 (KM172.2)  NGC AU55--------------------$1,250.00

BRAZIL  1852  20,000 Reis  Peter II  FR. 121 (KM463)  Two year type!  Scarce in mint state!  
(cats. $1450 in MS60/$1900 in MS63 in KM)  Nice original toning!  
NGC MS62-----------$1,450.00

CHILE gold 100 Pesos Planchet Pattern Trial  ND  Santiago Mint uniface trial strike with the So
mintmark below the legends: P.B. 20.33 GRS//P.F. 18.3057 GRS.  Extremely Rare!  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

CHILE  1809-So FJ  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  "Large imaginary military bust"  FR. 28
(KM72)  Scarce four year type!  (cats. $2750 XF in KM)  
NGC AU58--------------------$2,450.00

COLOMBIA  1764/3-NR JV  2 Escudos  Charles III "Rat Nose"  FR. 33 (KM40)  
Nuevo Reino (Bogota) mint  Scarce  (cats. $1400 in XF40 in KM!)  Finest graded of this
overdate variety!  
NGC XF40--------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

COLOMBIA  1794-P JF  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 52 (KM62.2)  
Only one graded higher by NGC!  
NGC AU55--------------------------------------------$1,750.00

COLOMBIA  1805-NR JJ  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 51 (KM62.1)  NGC AU58-------$1,950.00

COLOMBIA  1819-NR JF  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 60 (KM66.2)  Nuevo Reino
(Bogota) mint  (unpriced in MS60 in KM!)  Scarce in mint state!  
NGC MS62--------------$2,950.00

COLOMBIA  1823-B JF  8 Escudos  "Liberty head" Republic of Colombia  FR. 67
(KM82.1)  Bogota mint  (cats. $1850 XF/unpriced in MS60 in KM)  
NGC AU58---------$1,950.00

COLOMBIA  1841-P RU  16 Pesos  "Draped Liberty head" Republic of Nueva Granada  
FR. 75 (KM94.2)  Scarcer date!  (cats. $1900 in KM)  
NGC VF20-----------------------$1,650.00

COSTA RICA  1846-CR JB  1 Escudo with Type VI lion counterstamp (1849-1857)  
FR. 4a  (KM84)  Scarce  
NGC XF45-------------------------------------------------------$850.00

COSTA RICA  1849-CR JB  1 Escudo with Type 6 lion counterstamp (1849-1857)  
FR. 4a  (KM84)  Scarce  
NGC AU50-------------------------------------------------------$850.00

ECUADOR  1899  10 Sucres  “General Sucre” Republic  FR. 10 (KM56)  Two year type!  
NGC AU58-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00

EL SALVADOR  1892  5 Pesos  "Liberty head"  FR. 3 (KM117)  RARE only 558 struck of
this one year type!  (only two graded higher by NGC!)  NGC AU58------------------------$2,650.00

EL SALVADOR  1977  250 Colones  “18th Annual Governors’ Assembly/First coin of
Central America Federation 1824”  FR. 10 (KM152)  Scarce only 400 Proofs struck of this
one year type!  ex-Richard Stuart Collection (pedigreed on slab!)  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO-------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

NICARAGUA  1967  50 Cordobas (1.03 oz)  "100th Anniversary-Birth of Poet Ruben Dario"
Republic  FR. 1 (KM25)  One year type!  
PCGS PL65-------------------------------------$1,950.00

NICARAGUA  1975  1,000 Cordobas  “Liberty Bell/United States Bicentennial” Republic  FR. 3  
(KM40)  Only 2,270 Proofs minted of this one year type!  NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO-----$650.00

NICARAGUA  1980-Mo  1000 Cordobas  “First Anniversary of Revolution”  FR. 7 (KM48)  
Scarce one year type!  (cats. $1750 in FR)  
NGC PF67-------------------------------------$1,450.00

PANAMA  1984  50 Balboas  "Lion and lamb/Peace at Christmas" Republic  FR. 23
(KM99)  Scarce one year type!  Tied for finest graded!  NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------$750.00

PARAGUAY  1988  300,000 Guaranies (1.3562 oz)  "8th Term of President Stroessner"  
FR. 28  (KM174)  One year type!  Only 500 minted of which 250 were remelted by the mint!  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------------------$3,450.00

PERU  1840-Cuzco A  1 Escudo  “Standing Liberty” Republic  FR. 67 (KM147.3)  First year
of the three year sub-type!  (cats. $800 in MS60 in KM)  Only two graded higher!  
NGC MS62---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$950.00

PERU  1853-Lima MB  2 Escudos  “Liberty standing” Republic  FR. 65 (KM149.2)  
NGC AU55---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

PERU  1863-YB  5 Soles  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 72 (KM192)  One year type!  
(only one graded higher by NGC!)  Unpriced in MS63 in KM!  Rare this nice!  
NGC MS63--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PERU  1910  5 Soles Republic  FR. 76 (KM#Tn2)  Arms/Rev: Motto.  One year type!  
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

PERU  1951  50 Soles (.6772 oz)  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 79 (KM230)  
5,292 mintage  
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PERU  1956  10 Soles  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 81 (KM236)  First year of the type!
5,410 minted!  NGC MS65------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

PERU  1959  50 Soles (.6772 oz)  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 79 (KM230)  
5,734 mintage  
NGC MS63----------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PERU  1960  5 Soles  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 82 (KM235)  8,133 mintage  
NGC MS67 (Tied for finest graded!)----------------------------------------------------------$295.00

PERU  1960  10 Soles  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 81 (KM236)  7,178 mintage  
NGC MS65----------$350.00  
NGC MS66 (Only one graded higher!)-----------------------$450.00

PERU  1960  20 Soles (.2709 oz)   "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 80 (KM229)  
7,753 mintage  Finest graded by NGC!  NGC MS67----------------------------------------$750.00

PERU  1963  5 Soles  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 82 (KM235)  3,945 mintage
Finest graded by PCGS!  
PCGS MS67------------------------------------------------------$395.00

PERU  1963  20 Soles (.2709 oz)  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 80 (KM229)  3,892 minted  
This is the finest graded specimen by PCGS!  PCGS MS67-----------------------------------$750.00

PERU  1964  10 Soles  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 81 (KM236)  Only 1,554 minted!  
NGC MS65---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

PERU  1964  20 Soles (.2709 oz)  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 80 (KM229)  
Only 1,302 minted!  
NGC MS65-------------------------------------------------------------$650.00

PERU  1965  50 Soles (.6772 oz)  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 79 (KM230)  
NGC MS65------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1,250.00

PERU  1966  50 Soles (.6772 oz)  "100th Anniversary of Peru-Spain Naval Battle" Republic  
FR. 86 (KM250)  One year type!  
NGC MS65--------------------------------------------$1,650.00

PERU  1967  5 Soles  "Seated Liberty" Republic  FR. 82 (KM235)  3,651 mintage
Tied for finest graded by NGC!  NGC MS67------------------------------------------------$350.00

PERU  1967  20 Soles (.2709 oz)  “Seated Liberty” Republic  FR. 80 (KM229)  
5,003 minted!  
NGC MS66 (Only one graded higher!)---------------------------------------$650.00

SURINAME  2000  125,000 Gulden  "Millennium"  FR. 15 (KM57)  RARE  First specimen
we have seen!  Only two specimens graded by PCGS (none graded by NGC!)
PCGS PR68 DEEP CAMEO---------------------------------------------------------------$1,450.00

URUGUAY  1983  20,000 Nuevos Pesos "Visit of King and Queen of Spain"  KM132  
Only 1,500 struck of this one year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO--------------------$1,250.00

VENEZUELA  1912  20 Bolivares  "Simon Bolivar" Republic  FR. 5c (KM#Y32)  
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

VENEZUELA  1930  10 Bolivares  “Simon Bolivar”  FR. 6 (KM#Y31)  One year type!
NGC MS65----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

VENEZUELA  1983  3,000 Bolivares (.90 oz)  "200th Anniversary-Birth of Simon Bolivar"
Republic  FR. 10 (KM#Y59)  One year type!  NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO--------------$1,650.00