Fall 2018
Central & South American
Gold Inventory
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BOLIVIA  1805-PTS PJ  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 14 (KM81)  Potosi mint  
(cats. $1750 XF40 in KM)  
NGC AU55----------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

BOLIVIA  1822-PTS PJ  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 19 (KM91)  First year of the
three year type!  (cats. $2450 in XF40 in KM)  
NGC XF45--------------------------------$1,950.00

BRAZIL  1776-B  6,400 Reis  Jose I  FR. 69 (KM172.1)  Struck at the Bahia mint
(much scarcer than the Rio mint issues)  Popular date for Revolutionary War collectors!  
(cats. $1800 XF/$2600 Unc in KM)  
NGC AU55------------------------------------------$2,250.00

BRAZIL  1856  20,000 Reis  Peter II  FR. 121a (KM468)  Scarce in this quality!  
(cats. $1200 Unc in FR/unpriced in MS63 in KM)  NGC MS63----------------------------$1,450.00

CHILE  1792-So DA  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 23 (KM54)  
NGC AU58--------------$1,950.00

CHILE  1806/5-So FJ  8 Escudos  Charles IV  FR. 23 (KM54)  This is the only overdate
specimen of this date graded by NGC!  NGC AU58---------------------------------------$2,250.00

COLOMBIA  1790-NR JJ  8 Escudos Charles IV  FR. 43 (KM53.1)  Three year transitional type!  
(cats. $2250 XF in KM)  
NGC AU55------------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

COLOMBIA  1809-NR JF  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 60 (KM66.1)  
Nuevo Reino (Bogota) mint  
NGC AU58---------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

COLOMBIA  1812-P JF  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 61 (KM66.2)  NGC AU58-----$1,950.00

COLOMBIA  1820-NR JF  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 60 (KM66.1)  
Cats. $2250 XF40 in KM!  NGC AU58---------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

COLOMBIA  1841-P RU  16 Pesos  "Draped Liberty head" Republic of Nueva Granada  
FR. 75 (KM94.2)  Scarcer date!  (cats. $1900 in KM)  
NGC VF20------------------------$1,650.00

COLOMBIA  1968  100 Pesos  "Pope Paul VI"  FR. 21 (KM231)  One year type!  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO----------------------------------------------------------------$250.00

COLOMBIA  1971  100 Pesos  "6th Pan American Games"  Republic  FR. 131 (KM248)  
One year type!  Tied for finest graded!  
NGC PF67 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------$295.00

COSTA RICA  1900  5 Colones  "Columbus" Republic  FR. 21 (KM142)  
NGC MS62----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$450.00

COSTA RICA  1900/899  10 Colones  "Columbus" Republic  FR. 20 (KM140)  Scarce
overdate variety which is unlisted in FR and KM!  
NGC AU58-------------------------------$750.00

COSTA RICA  1928  2 Colones  "Columbus" Republic  FR. 22 (KM139)  Last year of the type!  
NGC MS64----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350.00

ECUADOR  1928  1 Condor  "Bolivar" Republic  FR. 11 (KM74)  One year type!  
NGC XF Details (removed from jewelry)-----------------------------------------------------$450.00

GUATEMALA  1869-R  5 Pesos  "Carrera" Republic  FR. 42 (KM191)  One year type!  
(cats. $800 in MS60 in KM)  
NGC MS61------$650.00   PCGS MS61---------------------$650.00

GUYANA  1977  $100  "El Dorado" Republic  FR. 2 (KM47)  7,635 Proofs minted of this
one year type!  
NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO------------------------------------------------$195.00

PERU  1819-Lima JP  8 Escudos  Ferdinand VII  FR. 54 (KM129.1)  
Cats. $2350 XF40 in KM!  
NGC AU58----------------------------------------------------$1,950.00

PERU  1965  100 Soles (1.3544 oz)  "400th Anniversary of the Lima Mint" Republic  
FR. 83 (KM243)  One year type!  (cats. $2600 in KM)  NGC MS65-----------------------$2,450.00

VENEZUELA  1887  100 Bolivares (.9334 oz)  "Simon Bolivar"  FR. 2 (KM#Y34)  
Head of Bolivar right/Rev: Arms.  Scarce four year type!
NGC AU55-----------------$2,750.00
NGC AU58---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$2,950.00