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GOLD COINS OF THE WORLD-brand new 9th edition by Friedberg.  This book has
over 22,000 individual listings, over 800 pages containing over 8,500 actual size coin photos
with valuations for all gold coins from ancient times to the present including modern issues!  
This is an important reference book used around the world by collectors and dealers alike and
it needs to be in your numismatic library!  Art Friedberg told us that if you mention
STEINBERG'S, INC. when you place your order, shipping and handling will be FREE
OF CHARGE!!  (USA delivery only)

Order directly from the publisher  list price is $89.95 or E-book for $44.95
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CONFISCATION-Gold as Contraband 1933-1975" by Kenneth R. Ferguson
Brand new book on the history of the gold confiscation from American citizens in 1933.
The best explanation of the history of this event to the present I have ever seen or read!  
A must read if you are interested in the history of gold coins in this country.
Available on the Amazon website for about $12 - well worth the money!
155 pages, Paperback.

GOLD COINS OF NEWFOUNDLAND 1865-1888 by Harvey B Richer.  Brand new
hardcover book (194 pages) on the history of this eight year series of gold coins!  If you
collect Newfoundland gold, this book is an important addition to your numismatic library.
This new reference work explores the history of Newfoundland thru it's coinage.  It presents
fascinating new details for each year that gold coins were minted, the existing distribution of these
scarce coins, a survey of the greatest collections ever assembled and the provenances of the
rarest of the gold coins.  
It is available online from for approx. $35. Also available
from the publisher: in Canada for approx $35 as well.

1st Edition.  This book is a specialized important reference work on Hand on Book Mexican
coinage. If you collect this series, you need this book! Hardcover list price is $125 plus $4
shipping (USA delivery only).

Order directly from:
Richard A. Long
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UNUSUAL WORLD COINS  6th Edition by Colin R. Bruce II.  Contains information and
photos on non-circulating coins including fantasy issues, micro-nation coinage, medallic types
and coins of pseudo-etats.  Softcover list price is $55 plus $4 shipping (USA delivery only).

Order directly from:
Krause Publications, Inc.
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